Unveiling the winning formula: How B2C fintechs conquer customer acquisition

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Ian Sherman advises PE/VC-backed portfolio companies astatine Sagard connected maturation marketing. He has a anterior enforcement way grounds of driving profitable, eight-figure gross enlargement for user brands.

In the fast-paced satellite of B2C (business-to-consumer) startups, mastering selling walk is the cardinal to achieving sustainable maturation and securing a starring presumption successful the market. While there’s often a look to follow, it’s not uncommon to spot CEOs and startup founders grappling with these important decisions for the archetypal time.

To shed airy connected this captious matter, we surveyed prime portfolio companies to recognize their existent selling expenditure patterns. Additionally, we meticulously analyzed the travel of our longest-standing companies, observing their maturation from the archetypal effect signifier to IPO readiness.

In this article, I’ll dive heavy into the champion practices and palmy strategies that person proven to elevate B2C fintech companies to the forefront of their game. Expect evidence-based recommendations that volition pave the mode for your company’s occurrence successful the highly competitory business-to-consumer landscape.

#1: Prioritize absorption connected 1 to 2 ascendant channels

Image Credits: Ian Sherman

Amid the barrage of selling channels available, the mantra for B2C fintechs is “less is more,” and our evidence-based probe supports this approach. Our in-depth investigation of companies from effect to Series D stages revealed that allocating selling walk to conscionable 1 to 2 ascendant channels tin beryllium a game-changer.

Amid the barrage of selling channels available, the mantra for B2C fintechs is ‘less is more,’ and our evidence-based probe supports this approach.

This was agnostic of institution size arsenic well. While our later-stage portfolio companies tended to diversify their selling efforts and invested successful a larger fig of channels arsenic opposed to their earlier signifier counterparts, our companies consistently maintained a strategical absorption connected conscionable 2 halfway selling channels that made up greater than 25% of their yearly spend.

Our findings intelligibly show that contempt expanding their selling channels arsenic they grow, palmy B2C fintechs consistently prioritize their investments successful the astir impactful and effectual channels.

This attack allows them to physique upon their proven strategies portion exploring caller avenues for growth. By honing successful connected these halfway channels, B2C fintechs tin guarantee they’re acquiring customers efficiently and with purpose.

#2 While there’s nary close mode to grow, see Google Search, Partnerships and Meta arsenic halfway channels

Image Credits: Ian Sherman

While there’s nary one-size-fits-all attack to growth, our probe has uncovered cardinal insights that powerfully suggest considering Google Search, Partnerships, and Meta platforms arsenic halfway channels successful your selling strategy: