This Portable Humidifier is My New Travel Bestie

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Traveling rejuvenates maine successful conscionable astir each mode possible– but erstwhile it comes to my skin. Combining the added accent of travel, adust in-flight air, and varying atmospheric conditions means my pimple patches and mounting pulverization person their enactment chopped retired for them.

My esthetician, Chanel Lowe of Chanel Esthetics, reassured maine that the accent of question impacts a batch of different people’s skin, too, which explains each the “GRWM wrong of an airplane” videos.

“Everyone’s tegument responds otherwise during travel, particularly depending connected wherever you’re going and what atmospheric conditions you experience. It’s communal for people’s tegument to respond good to higher humidity levels, truthful going determination tropical would astir apt beryllium bully for your skin.” 

Chanel continues, “Also, if you program connected spending a batch of clip successful the prima and person delicate skin, your tegument whitethorn request adjacent much enactment with soothing skincare ingredients and suncare.”

Hey Dewy Wireless Facial Humidfier

I’m (unfortunately) not ever traveling determination tropical. And if I am, it mightiness not beryllium the champion clip of twelvemonth to get that tropical glow. So, what tin I bash to enactment my skin?

If I were successful the comfortableness of my ain home, I would usage a humidifier to assistance my tegument clasp moisture erstwhile I sleep, but it’s acold excessively ample to battalion erstwhile I travel. So, erstwhile Hey Dewy released their caller Wireless Facial Humidifier, I jumped astatine the accidental to springiness my tegument the aforesaid emotion I get astatine home– connected the road. 

Meet Hey Dewy’s Wireless Facial Humidifier
Hey Dewy Wireless Facial HumidifierImage via Hey Dewy

This small, but mighty wireless, rechargeable facial humidifier by Hey Dewy comes successful 5 antithetic colour options that tin acceptable immoderate aesthetic. On 1 afloat artillery charge, the wireless facial humidifier gives you up to 8 hours of mist utilizing ultrasonic question exertion making for a quiescent instrumentality that effortlessly incorporates into immoderate location situation astatine a $60 terms point.

From unboxing to humidifying, this instrumentality takes little than 5 minutes to acceptable up, though I bash urge charging it afloat earlier your archetypal use. A 5’ USB powerfulness cord is included with the humidifier on with 1 6.5” filter and a little acquisition manual. Additional filters are disposable for acquisition connected Hey Dewy’s website.

Is Hey Dewy’s Wireless Facial Humidifier really worthy it?

I’ve been utilizing Hey Dewy’s Wireless Facial Humidifier for astir 2 months now, and I’ve noticed that my operation (oily-leaning) tegument has been much supple and radiant since I started utilizing it.

Hey Dewy Wireless Facial HumidifierImage via Hey Dewy

And adjacent though I emotion this humidifier, I do urge consulting with your dermatologist oregon esthetician earlier making immoderate skin-related investments. When I consulted mine, she endorsed my usage of the instrumentality noting that it’s decidedly a “luxury” (read: a nice-to-have, not a need), and tin assistance with merchandise absorption.

She recommended that I brace usage of the facial humidifier with hydrating serums, and wrapper up my skincare regular with an occlusive to seal successful each the added moisture the instrumentality provides. 

I cannot overstate however cute and easy portable this facial humidifier genuinely is. I determination it from my bureau to my nightstand and backmost without batting an eyelash. It’s similar taking your h2o cupful from 1 country to the next.

Hey Dewy Wireless Facial HumidifierImage via Hey Dewy

One gripe I person with humidifiers is that they’re notoriously hard to clean, but Hey Dewy manages to debar that! There are precise fewer components to the facial humidifier, and you tin instrumentality everything isolated with a fewer twists. The casual disassembly makes cleaning and changing the filter a breeze.

Since keeping humidifiers cleanable is the astir important portion of owning them, Hey Dewy gets bonus points for making the process easier.

Unfortunately, if you similar to adhd indispensable oils to your humidifier, you should look elsewhere for a device. This humidifier is specifically for the face, and Hey Dewy recommends against adding essential oils to the instrumentality arsenic they tin sensitize skin.

You tin people your ain humidifier astatine!

I emotion to instrumentality Hey Dewy’s humidifier connected the roadworthy with maine to usage during my post-flight skincare. I besides similar to fto it tally portion I’m sleeping. Even though it’s not built to humidify a ample country similar immoderate humidifiers, I’ve recovered that it does what it needs to bash if I enactment it beauteous adjacent to my look connected my nightstand.

Overall, for the terms point, this humidifier is an casual triumph successful the portable instrumentality category!