TCFTurns15: We are Giving Away 15 Gift Cards in this Eloquii Giveaway!

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Welcome backmost to our TCFTurns15 giveaway series! Are you acceptable for an Eloquii Giveaway? Of people you are! Last week we hooked up 2 readers with a brace of tickets to the LA Pool Party, the Big Dipper and today?

We caput connected implicit to a amusive retail partner, with an Eloquii giveaway! Yes, today’s giveaway is each astir Eloquii arsenic we are giving distant 15 FIFTEEN $50 acquisition cards! Perfect arsenic Eloquii is having a brainsick summertime sale, right?

Marie Denee successful  EloquiiTCFTurns15 Eloquii GiveawayImage of Marie Denee via Eloquii

We person been connected with Eloquii for the past 11 years! We went and did the mathematics and the archetypal article, announcing their motorboat was October of 2011, erstwhile we announced that the marque was coming! Since then, we person had a agelong and colorful partnership!

Even erstwhile they archetypal closed their doors, we wrote an unfastened missive to Eloquii, expressing our frustrated feelings astir this decision. But erstwhile they came back? We celebrated the relaunch of Eloquii, too!

Did you retrieve that photograph sprout successful 2017 wherever Eloquii showed emotion to *some* of the OGS of positive size blogging? It was soooo good!

Eloquii TCFTurns15 Eloquii GiveawayImage via Eloquii

And implicit the years, Eloquii has shown up for us. As sponsors for assorted events, arsenic good arsenic our Presenting Sponsor for The Cultivate Awards, it has decidedly been a love/love situation!

Melissa Mercedes x EloquiiThe Cultivate Awards Winner collab: Melissa Mercedes x Eloquii

So, arsenic we bring successful 15 years of positive size manner astatine TCF, and person formally pivoted to a integer media publisher, what amended mode than to hook up 15 of you who person been rocking with us!?! Yes, we are hooking up 15 of you with a $50 acquisition paper to accidental convey you for your support!

So however bash you enter? We person made it arsenic casual arsenic possible! For each enactment you instrumentality successful the signifier below, you gain entries! Some you tin lone bash erstwhile and others you tin bash daily! The much actions you instrumentality the amended your chances astatine winning!

15 People Will Score A $50 Gift Card successful This Eloquii Giveaway! Check retired the latest from them astatine!

And you person to determination fast, right?! This Eloquii giveaway closes July 27th, astatine 11:45 PM EST!  

Are you acceptable to enter? What are you waiting for? Are you going to instrumentality vantage of their existent 3 for $60 deal?

What are you looking to get from this Eloquii giveaway?

Again, galore acknowledgment to you for your enactment each of these years and here’s to many, many, more!