Samsung’s One UI 6 beta isn’t ready to launch yet

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Update August 10th, 12:17PM ET: Samsung told The Verge nether embargo that the One UI 6 beta would motorboat connected Thursday, but it isn’t unrecorded yet. Our archetypal communicative follows; we volition update with much details and timing accusation erstwhile it’s available.

Samsung is launching its beta programme for One UI 6, its mentation of Android that’s based connected Android 14. Key features for this adjacent revision are a simplified plan and much customization options.

On the plan front, “many elements person been tweaked to make a much modern look and feel,” according to a property merchandise from Samsung. That includes a caller default font and caller emoji you tin usage from the Samsung Keyboard. The institution has besides updated the look of the Quick Panel truthful that you tin much easy get to commonly-used features.

Two screenshots of Samsung’s One UI 6.

Two screenshots showing what you tin expect successful Samsung’s One UI 6.

Image: Samsung

As for customization, One UI 6 volition fto you take circumstantial fastener screens that are tied to definite Modes and Routines, which sounds a batch similar what you tin bash with the iPhone’s fastener screens and Focus modes.

Unfortunately, the One UI 6 beta volition lone beryllium disposable connected the Galaxy S23 lineup to commencement — if you’re astir to prime up 1 of Samsung’s latest foldables, you’re retired of luck for now. But if you’ve got an S23 telephone and you’re successful the US, Germany, oregon South Korea, you tin cheque retired the One UI 6 beta opening Thursday.