Old Bay Breakfast Potatoes

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Who decided home fries had to be diced into bitsy squares? In this recipe for breakfast potatoes, the spuds are cut into bold wedges, unapologetic in their size and seasoning. Less knife work also means less prep time, making these entirely appropriate for a lazy brunch or an easy breakfast side dish. Buttering the baking sheet and coating the potatoes in vegetable oil (rather than olive oil, which could burn at such high temperatures) ensures deeply browned spuds, crispy outside and fluffy within. For the best breakfast potatoes, use Yukon Golds. Russet potatoes bake up crunchy but pale, while red potatoes get too dark while remaining soft. Old Bay seasoning, with its distinctive blend of paprika, black pepper, and cayenne pepper—among other spices—is the quickest route to bold flavor.

Stuff these breakfast potatoes into a breakfast burrito with a tofu scramble and roasted red bell peppers, or serve them simply, in a large bowl with a fried egg and a scattering of fresh herbs, and a side of ketchup.

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6 servings

Unsalted butter, room temperature (for pan)


lb. Yukon Gold potatoes (about 6 medium), scrubbed, cut into 1"-thick wedges


cup vegetable oil


Tbsp. Diamond Crystal or 1¾ tsp. Morton kosher salt


tsp. garlic powder


tsp. freshly ground pepper


tsp. Old Bay seasoning

Finely chopped chives and lemon wedges (for serving)