MrBeast is suing his ghost kitchen partner over ‘inedible’ MrBeast Burgers

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YouTube property MrBeast is suing the institution liable for his branded enactment of accelerated nutrient including the MrBeast Burger, citing “inedible” nutrient delivered to customers. The company, Virtual Dining Concepts, partnered with James Donaldson, aka MrBeast, successful 2020 to motorboat the paper retired of “ghost kitchens” — storefronts that person nary carnal beingness whose nutrient is made and served retired of different existing restaurants.

Donaldson’s suit alleges that Virtual Dining Concepts was much acrophobic with expanding its enactment of MrBeast nutrient than prime power and that the nutrient was consistently atrocious capable to wounded his reputation. MrBeast fans person described the nutrient arsenic “revolting” and “likely the worst burger [they] person ever had,” among different antagonistic reviews quoted successful the lawsuit. The quality was first reported by Bloomberg.

“As a result, MrBeast Burger has been regarded arsenic a misleading, mediocre reflection of the MrBeast marque that provides low-quality products to customers that are delivered late, successful unbranded packaging, neglect to see the ordered items, and successful immoderate instances, were inedible,” the suit reads. Donaldson alleges that helium and his squad raised concerns astir the nutrient but that Virtual Dining Concepts didn’t code them.

Since 2020, Donaldson has utilized his online fame to hype up his enactment of accelerated food: the expansive opening of a Beast Burger edifice successful New Jersey drew a assemblage of 10,000 people hoping to effort the YouTuber’s food, with Donaldson himself showing up for the opening and promoting it. As of past year, 1,700 restaurants crossed the state were fulfilling MrBeast Burger orders. Donaldson is present asking the justice for the close to extremity the concern business altogether.

Virtual Dining Concepts didn’t instantly respond to a petition for comment.

Donaldson has besides parlayed his fame into a selling transmission for different products, from branded basketballs and hoodies to Feastables, a enactment of cookies and cocoa bars.

So-called shade kitchens exploded during the pandemic but person much precocious taken a hit. Earlier this year, Uber Eats removed thousands of virtual restaurants and tightened its rules, hoping to chopped down connected spam. The questionable prime hasn’t stopped businesses from jumping into the virtual edifice industry, and adjacent TikTok has experimented with online-only restaurants that are really tally retired of your section Chuck E. Cheese.