Microsoft’s repairability push now extends to Xbox controllers, too

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/ The Xbox squad has first-party repair kits, instructions, and videos to hole modular and Elite Series 2 Xbox gamepads.

A photograph  showing the Elite 2 controller

Photo by Tom Warren / The Verge

Microsoft has started selling controller parts connected its online store. Owners of some the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller and the modular Xbox Wireless Controller tin caput to the Microsoft store close present to bargain replacement boards, sticks, buttons, covers, and more. Now, if your enarthrosis buttons are breached oregon your sticks are drifting, it means you don’t person to trust connected third-party sources for parts and directions to effort a repair that could beryllium overmuch cheaper than replacing controllers that tin outgo $59.99 oregon $179.99 brand-new.

The Elite bid 2 controller repair kits scope successful terms from $23.99 for button sets to $59.99 for a replacement PCBA and centrifugal assembly. As you’d expect, prices are little for the modular controller, starting astatine $19.99 for conscionable the controller’s apical case and going up to $34.99 for the PCBA and vibration motor. Replacement apical cases are disposable successful achromatic and achromatic variants, arsenic are the buttons — sorry, fluorescent color fans.

iFixit also lists parts for the controllers, and it’s worthy noting — those travel with a “lifetime” guarantee, portion Microsoft says its parts person a warranty play of 1 year.

Brad Rossetti, Xbox insider programme pb for Microsoft, tweeted astir the caller program this afternoon, which appears to person been unrecorded for astir a week. Along with downloadable instructions, an authoritative instructional video connected YouTube tin amusement gamers however to repair their controllers.

Instructions showing however  to regenerate  the joystick module successful  a Sony dualSense Edge controller, bt sliding a merchandise  latch over, and past    swapping successful  the caller   part,

DualSense Edge instrumentality replacement diagram.

Image: Sony

This helps the controllers successful examination to Sony’s recently introduced DualSense Edge. The $200 gamepad competes with the Elite bid based connected “pro” gamer features and besides came retired of the container with instrumentality modules that tin beryllium easy replaced by removing a screen and lifting a latch. However, Sony doesn’t merchantability replacements for the different parts Microsoft’s store is present listing.

It besides follows Microsoft’s statement with shareholder advocacy radical As You Sow nearly 2 years ago to look into enabling customers’ close to repair their equipment. In June, the institution besides began selling replacement parts for Microsoft Surface devices. The determination is akin to Apple’s determination to commencement selling repair kits past year.