Max Q: Solving artificial gravity with gravityLab

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Solving artificial gravity with gravityLab News from Atomos Space and more

But first… The Aerospace Corporation and TechCrunch are joining forces to big a transportation competition to find the strongest startups utilizing AI/Machine Learning to enactment with outer information streams. Finalists volition get the uncommon accidental to transportation successful beforehand of our judges connected the Space Stage astatine TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 and grounds their AI/ML startup astatine Disrupt 2023 this September. Apply today!

gravityLab wants to tackle the artificial gravity problem

Living without gravity spells catastrophe for the quality body. Even a fewer weeks successful microgravity tin pb to issues with circulation and vision; implicit the longer term, the complications compound adjacent further. The bosom begins to degenerate and atrophy. Bones crook bladed and brittle.

But what astir Martian gravity, which is astir 0.38 that of Earth? Or determination in-between — 0.16 G connected the moon, oregon 0.91 connected Venus? How bash these gravity levels impact the body, plants and different organisms, adjacent manufacturing processes? We person astonishingly fewer answers to these questions.

gravityLab wants to find some. Click the nexus supra to larn how.

More quality from crossed TC Astrobotic, Blue Origin and Varda Space are among the 11 awardees of caller NASA backing for “tipping point” technologies. Atomos Space, an in-space logistics startup, volition motorboat its archetypal objection mission connected SpaceX’s Transporter-10 successful the archetypal 4th of 2024, arsenic the institution looks to summation an aboriginal foothold successful the emerging marketplace for orbital transportation services. Congress heard from pilots connected their encounters with unexplained aerial phenomena. Impulse Space, the abstraction logistics startup headed by founding SpaceX worker Tom Mueller, has closed a $45 cardinal Series A led by RTX Ventures, the task superior limb of RTX (formerly Raytheon Technologies). NASA is launching its ain streaming service, NASA+, aboriginal this year. The Federal Aviation Administration is successful the aboriginal stages of formulating regulations for commercialized quality spaceflight, an manufacture that’s starting to prime up immoderate speed.

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