Kicking off the Celebrations of TCFTurns15 with 15 Giveaways! Up First: Tickets to The Big Dipper LA Pool Party!

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We are astatine the highest of summer, but you cognize what else? We are 6 months retired from celebrating 15 years of TCF! Fancy a positive size excavation party? The Big Dipper is happening successful August and we are kicking disconnected the TCFTurns15 celebrations with a amusive giveaway to this lawsuit by The Plus Bus!

Instead of limiting our giveaways to December, we are doing 15 giveaways up done the extremity of November! Each month, for the adjacent 5 months, we volition beryllium showing YOU emotion for supporting US, with astonishing giveaways!

To commencement america off, the folks astatine the Plus Bus are having an LA Plus Size Pool Party, called The Big Dipper connected August 12th! As Media Partners for the event, we are highly excited to stock this quality AND beryllium capable to hook up 2 of you with 2 tickets to this event!

The Big Dipper Giveaway by The Plus Bus for TCFTurns15

What amended mode to adjacent retired the summertime than with a plus size excavation party!?! Hang retired poolside for “an day of basking successful abdominous glory!” The Big Dipper gets fancy with this lawsuit taking spot connected a wholly backstage property successful Encino, Ca from 1-7pm.  

Not lone volition you beryllium capable to play successful the excavation successful a chic LA spot, you volition besides person the accidental to bask amusive successful the prima AND bask a poolside manner show. But determination is more! You volition besides beryllium capable to store immoderate of LA’s hottest positive size designers and brands, socialize with chap positive size manner lovers, and bask the assorted activations planned for the day.

The Big Dipper Pool Party by The Plus BusImage via The Plus Bus

And arsenic we are kicking disconnected the celebrations, we invitation YOU to participate into our giveaway! We are hooking up 2 of you with a brace of tickets to The Big Dipper!

For those of you who are TCF OG family, you cognize we usually hold until December to bash this, but we wanted to dispersed things out, bring successful the fun, and observe a small spot sooner… Nothing incorrect with that, right?! Right.

TCFTurns15: We’re Giving Away Tickets to The Big Dipper LA Pool Party!

How bash you enter? Well, that is rather easy! In the signifier below, each enactment you instrumentality gives you an entry! The much actions you take, the much entries and the amended your chances are astatine winning! This giveaway volition tally for 6 days and closes connected July 18th astatine 11:59 pm, PST!

Enter here:

If you cannot hold and are acceptable to person a spot of fun, you tin people your early-bird tickets now! Or possibly you privation to get your tickets for you and anticipation that you people other truthful each your homies tin roll!

Get Your Early Bird Tickets astatine

We anticipation to spot you determination and cannot hold to person a small amusive successful the prima with our chap LA positive size community!

The Big Dipper Pool Party by The Plus BusImage via The Plus Bus

Now, I americium highly excited to larn what you volition beryllium wearing to this event! Finding a positive size bathing suit with the matching Coverup is soooo key! But not lone that, I americium reasoning astir the towel, umbrella… the full vibe I privation to beryllium on!

Good luck to those of you entering successful and convey YOU for the enactment implicit these past 15 years!

Make definite you enactment tuned for the adjacent giveaway, motion up for our newsletter truthful you won’t miss out, and stock this giveaway with your friends! We volition beryllium backmost adjacent week with our 2nd giveaway!!