If You’re Still Looking for a Fun Plus Size Bathing Suit, Hilary Macmillan Swimwear Has Got You Covered!

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No alien to TCF, Hilary Macmillan is simply a Canadian manner decorator known for her feminine and blase designs. With the latest Hilary Macmillan swimwear postulation drop, the marque is giving america a assortment of stylish and playful positive size aquatics options for us.

Now if you person been looking for a fewer amusive positive size swimwear options for this summer’s hottest excavation parties, the latest pieces from the Hilary Macmillan swimwear postulation mightiness beryllium conscionable what you are looking for.

The postulation features a premix of classical silhouettes and manner guardant styles, from one-piece swimsuits to bikinis. There are besides a assortment of prints and colors to take from, truthful you tin find the cleanable suit to suit your idiosyncratic benignant and needs.

One of the things that sets Hilary Macmillan swimwear isolated is the usage of high-quality fabrics. The suits are made from luxurious materials similar Italian Lycra and recycled nylon, which are some brushed and durable. The suits besides diagnostic sleek and chic cuts and details that assistance to accentuate the figure.

“… a focus on utilizing high-quality, cruelty-free materials successful bold colors and exceptional textures.”

Hilary Macmillan

Another large happening astir Hilary Macmillan swimwear is that it is disposable successful a wide scope of sizes, up done a size 4X! We besides person to enactment that the marque besides highlights their manner pieces connected models of assorted sizes. Thank you.

Here is what you tin expect from the Hilary Macmillan swimwear collection:

One-piece swimsuits: 

There are a assortment of one-piece swimsuits successful the collection, from classical cuts to much on-trend styles.

Some of the one-piece swimsuits diagnostic playful details similar ruching oregon shirring, portion others are much minimalist.

Hilary Macmillan swimwear- GIA LACE-UP BACK SWIMSUITGIA LACE-UP BACK SWIMSUIT astatine HilaryMacmillan.com


There are besides a assortment of bikinis successful the collection, including some high-waisted and low-rise styles.

Hilary Macmillan swimwear- LOLA RUCHED BIKINI BOTTOMLOLA RUCHED BIKINI BOTTOM astatine HilaryMacmillan.com

The bikinis travel successful a assortment of colors and prints, truthful you tin find the cleanable acceptable to lucifer your idiosyncratic style.


Everyone loves a large positive size coverup, right? The postulation besides includes a assortment of cover-ups, from spot though mini dresses to screen up skirts, to marque beingness a small much interesting.

The cover-ups are made from the aforesaid high-quality fabrics arsenic the swimwear, truthful you tin beryllium definite that they volition beryllium some stylish and comfortable.

No substance what your style, you are definite to find thing to play in, for this summer. The postulation gives america a assortment of options to take from, truthful you are definite to find the cleanable suit for you!

You tin store the afloat postulation now, astatine HilaryMacMillan.com!

While you are visiting the site, marque definite you cheque retired the Barbie Collection, disposable successful plus! Many items are connected merchantability and inactive disposable to transmission your positive size Barbie vibes!

Ohhh and if buying online for a bathing suit is simply a spot overwhelming, we person rounded up a fewer online swimsuit buying tips to consider!

Here are immoderate further tips erstwhile buying for positive size swimwear: Choose a suit that works with your body. Look for a suit with a chopped that accentuates the country of your assemblage that you are successful emotion with. If you are positive AND petite, look for a suit that is not excessively agelong oregon excessively oversized. Pay attraction to the fabric. Swimwear should beryllium made from a cloth that is some comfy and supportive. Avoid fabrics that are excessively bladed oregon excessively clingy. Choose a suit that is the close size. A well-fitting suit volition beryllium much comfy than a suit that is excessively large oregon excessively small. Play astir with antithetic silhouettes. While you whitethorn consciousness the mot comfy oregon acquainted with a one-piece, determination are much options to play successful from monokinis to hardly there bikinis. Skirted options and lad abbreviated cuts assistance with sum preferences arsenic well. Don’t beryllium acrophobic to accessorize. A stylish hat, scarf, oregon jewelry tin adhd a interaction of property to implicit your swimwear look.

With these tips successful mind, you are definite to find the cleanable Hilary Macmillan swimwear suit to marque you consciousness assured and stylish this summer.