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Enza Costa Tank (sold out, akin here), Le Superbe Skirt, Fope Necklaces, YSL Tote Bag

We are successful highest vigor present successful Charleston, and the lone mode I’m wearing my hairsbreadth lately, is up and disconnected my neck. Whether it’s pulled backmost successful a bun, oregon up with a hair claw (I ever person astatine slightest 2 successful my bag), keeping my hairsbreadth retired of the mode makes it truthful overmuch easier to spell astir my day. I emotion the brushed and elemental look of wearing my hairsbreadth down, but successful the heat, a debased bun finished disconnected with anti-humidity spray keeps maine chill and successful style. See beneath for much of my favourite products, tools and accessories for handling hairsbreadth successful the lukewarm upwind this season.

green vessel  striped skirt woven bag

green vessel  striped skirt woven bag

French Style Hair Pins

Add a interaction of “je ne sais quoi”, with these U-shape French benignant hairsbreadth pins, designed to effortlessly unafraid your locks portion adding a interaction of timeless charm to your look.

Anti Humidity Hair Spray

This protective spray shields your hairsbreadth from moisture, ensuring your benignant stays intact and frizz-free adjacent successful the astir challenging upwind conditions.

green vessel  striped skirt woven bag

green vessel  striped skirt woven bag

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