Google will ‘supercharge’ Assistant with AI that’s more like ChatGPT and Bard

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Google is readying to update Assistant with features powered by generative AI, according to a study from Axios. In an email obtained by the outlet, Google tells unit members that it has already started exploring a “supercharged” Assistant powered by the newest ample connection models (LLM), akin to the exertion down ChatGPT and Google’s ain Bard chatbot. According to the email, “A information of the squad has already started moving connected this, opening with mobile.”

As portion of this change, Google says it’s condensing the squad that works connected Assistant. The email obtained by Axios states that the institution is “eliminating a tiny fig of roles,” though it’s unclear however galore employees are affected. According to Axios, Google laid disconnected “dozens” of workers. The Verge reached retired to Google to corroborate this, and we’ll update this nonfiction if we get much information.

“We’re excited to research however LLMs tin assistance america supercharge Assistant and marque it adjacent better.”

“We stay profoundly committed to Assistant and we are optimistic astir its agleam aboriginal ahead,” Peeyush Ranjan, the vice president of Google Assistant, and Duke Dukellis, the company’s merchandise director, constitute successful the email.

While Google doesn’t elaborate connected what kinds of features it plans connected bringing to Assistant, determination are immoderate beauteous large possibilities. For example, Assistant could pat into the aforesaid exertion that powers its AI chatbot, Bard, perchance allowing it to reply questions based connected the accusation it gleans from crossed the web.

“Hundreds of millions of radical usage the Assistant each period and we’re committed to giving them precocious prime experiences,” Google spokesperson Jennifer Rodstrom says successful a connection to The Verge. “We’re excited to research however LLMs tin assistance america supercharge Assistant and marque it adjacent better.”

It’s inactive not wide erstwhile Google plans connected bringing this exertion to its astute location products, though — and I don’t deliberation a batch of radical (myself included) would beryllium wholly comfy with that, fixed the imaginable privateness implications.