GM confirms $130,000 Cadillac Escalade IQ won’t have Apple CarPlay or Android Auto

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There volition beryllium nary Apple CarPlay oregon Android Auto successful Cadillac’s caller ultra-luxury Escalade IQ. Despite the immense caller 55-inch pillar-to-pillar infotainment surface successful the caller EV revealed yesterday, compatibility for the fashionable telephone projection features is wholly gone.

GM said earlier this twelvemonth that it would restrict access to CarPlay and Android Auto successful its aboriginal electrical vehicles. In April, GM’s VP of software, Scott Miller, shared immoderate reasons for the decision, including allowing much EV-centric functionality similar artillery preconditioning erstwhile navigating to a charging station.

Tesla offers a akin diagnostic and besides does not person CarPlay oregon Android Auto options. But customers nowadays expect these features successful caller vehicles. Even Apple has said that astir 80 percent of caller car buyers importune connected having CarPlay. It’s an antithetic omission from a modern, fto unsocial high-end, car.

The Verge received email confirmation that CarPlay and Android Auto weren’t going to marque it into the Escalade IQ from GM’s East Coast communications representative, Paige Tatulli. Instead of CarPlay oregon Android Auto, drivers volition alternatively trust connected the Escalade IQ’s included Google built-in infotainment software.

Google built-in supports Google Maps navigation and immoderate Google Play apps that you tin log successful to connected the dash. Some confirmed amusement apps successful the IQ see YouTube, YouTube Kids, and Hulu, but Google built-in could alteration much apps like Waze and adjacent Zoom.

Earlier this year, GM received a steadfast magnitude of criticism for its determination to nary longer enactment CarPlay and Android Auto successful its aboriginal vehicles. The Escalade IQ marks different confirmed GM conveyance to not see the features aft the Chevy Blazer EV, which is starting to vessel now.

Update August 10th, 2023, 10:03AM ET: This communicative has been updated to clarify that GM is restricting entree to phone-mirroring features similar Apple CarPlay and Android Auto successful its aboriginal lineup of EVs.