GM begins shipping a pricier-than-expected Chevy Blazer EV

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The Chevrolet Blazer EV, a artillery electrical SUV that is portion of GM’s bid to surpass Tesla successful U.S. EV income by 2025, is headed to dealerships.

The automaker said Monday that the archetypal 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EVs person started shipping from GM’s mill successful Ramos Arizpe, Mexico. GM besides released details connected pricing and scope estimates for a fewer of the SUV’s trim models.

The upshot? Prices are higher than expected.

The Blazer EV follows the behemoth GMC Hummer pickup and Cadillac Lyriq successful the caller Ultium architecture — the modular electrical level that includes a caller artillery plan and bundle and is astatine the bosom of the automaker’s EV strategy.

The conveyance volition initially beryllium disposable successful 3 trims: luxury (LT), rally athletics (RS) and ace athletics (SS). The 2LT front-wheel thrust mentation volition beryllium the entry-level option. The institution said it’s besides making a “police pursuit” conveyance disposable to instrumentality enforcement aboriginal adjacent year.

GM, similar astir different automakers, has launched with its much pricey trim. Still, it seems adjacent immoderate of the little priced trims are inactive higher than GM’s archetypal estimate. Last year, the institution revealed Blazer EV and said the basal mentation would commencement astatine astir $44,995. At the time, the company said it would terms the 2LT FWD trim astatine astir $47,595 and the RS astatine $51,995.

In reality, the trims are arsenic overmuch arsenic $10,000 higher than primitively estimated.

The archetypal Blazer EV to deed trader tons this summertime volition beryllium the RS all-wheel drive, a exemplary that starts astatine $60,215 and has an estimated scope of 279 miles. This conveyance is loaded with a fig of features, including gloss achromatic trim, a heads-up display, heated beforehand and rear seats, ventilated beforehand seats and animated exterior lighting. Prices don’t see tax, title, license, trader fees and optional equipment.

The RS rear-wheel drive, which is expected to person a 320-mile scope and has a fewer extras including a Bose audio system, volition commencement astatine $61,790. The 2LT AWD, which starts astatine $56,7151 and has a scope of 279 miles, volition travel equipped with much features than the FWD version, including 17.7-inch-diagonal infotainment touchscreen and 11-inch-instrument cluster, heated steering wheel, heated beforehand seats, heated broadside mirrors and wireless telephone charging, among different features.

GM said the RS rear-wheel thrust and 2LT AWD trims volition statesman accumulation this fall. The institution has pushed the accumulation commencement day of the SS mentation to outpouring 2024.