Felicity is back with her 5th Felicity Hayward x Playful Promises Collection!

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If you are looking to adhd a fewer playful positive size lingerie pieces to your collection, past you person to instrumentality a look astatine what we person for you! The Felicity Hayward x Playful Promises Collection conscionable dropped for the autumn play and it is sexy. We are excited to stock the looks designed successful collaboration with positive size exemplary and assemblage affirmative activist, Felicity Hayward!

When it comes to positive size lingerie, determination has been a accordant maturation of options and resources implicit the years. Yes?! Bold Bras, playful colors, and sexy textures person popped up, particularly with Playful Promises.  As we proceed to person these lingerie options, this Felicity Hayward x Playful Promises Collection is moving to beryllium astatine the apical of YOUR list!

For this 5th collaboration, the positive size exemplary and influencer teamed up with London’s woman-owned, design-led, and internationally-stocked lingerie marque to springiness america 5 caller “bold and unapologetically sexy” styles to play in!

“With decidedly sexier and much ouvert options, Felicity and Playful Promises purpose to observe bodies of each sizes and start a speech astir the prejudice positive sized radical look successful regards to being seen arsenic intersexual beings.”

Even better? The Felicity x Playful Promises postulation is intentionally divers successful styles, to cater to a assortment of tastes!  You person options that scope from “sumptuous satins, basal retired and daring prints, bodysuits that request to beryllium seen, sparkling embellishments, arsenic good arsenic casual to deterioration bralettes.”

About the collection, Felicity explains that she “wanted to make thing for everyone, to presumption quality from your perspective, not the media’s presumption connected assemblage representation and worth.” She states “the cleanable assemblage does not beryllium arsenic determination are nary 2 humans connected this satellite that are the same, truthful you person to aspire to beryllium the champion mentation of yourself, not idiosyncratic else”

For those who are curious, this UK plus size lingerie marque does vessel to the US and the postulation is disposable up done a 44k with bottoms up done a size 22.

You tin store the Felicity Hayward x Playful Promises Collection now, astatine PlayfulPromises.com!

Oh, and if this marque sounds acquainted and you cannot spot them? Well, we person featured them a fewer times over. You’ve seen GabiFresh do a fewer plus size lingerie collaborations with them!

If you are looking for thing different, marque definite that you support scrolling connected the tract and into the past collaborations that Felicity has done with Playful Promises! Basically, you person much than a fewer options to play in…

When it comes to positive size collaborations, this is 1 that we ever support our eyes peeled for. With this being the 5th Felicity Hayward x Playful Promises Collection, you tin ever expect positive size lingerie options that are thing BUT boring.

Are you acquainted with Felicity Hayward?

Did you cognize that she was scouted portion she was retired dancing? Oh Yes, but it is benignant of cool. Felicity was archetypal scouted “dancing to Diana Ross successful an East London pub by manner lensman Miles Aldridge portion impersonating the precocious large Anna Nicole Smith.”

Felicity is 1 of the UK’s starring positive size models whose enactment you person seen successful assorted articles connected TCF and successful galore of your favourite positive size retailers and brands, including Marina Rinaldi, L’Oreal, Missguided, The Body Shop and MAC cosmetics!

So, we are curious… what bash you deliberation of the Felicity Hayward x Playful Promises Collection? Could you spot yourself successful a acceptable oregon two? If so, which ones?

What bash you consciousness is missing successful positive size lingerie? What would you privation to spot much of? Let america cognize your thoughts below!