Elon Musk’s extravagant ‘X’ sign atop the former Twitter HQ has been dismantled

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Well, that was fast. Twitter, which is presently rebranding itself to X, is present removing the giant, garishly lit X logo that was placed connected apical of its San Francisco headquarters, arsenic antecedently reported by CNBC and ABC7 News. The sign, rapidly erected and supported successful portion by sandbags, had already received complaints from residents surviving adjacent the building.

According to the city’s complaint, Twitter repeatedly denied entree to inspectors seeking entree to the roof, explaining to them that the X logo was a “temporary lighted motion for an event.”

Patrick Hannan, communications manager for the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection and City Planning, confirmed to The Verge successful an email that a announcement of usurpation was issued to the proprietor of the gathering that houses Twitter’s office and that “over the weekend, the Department of Building Inspection and City Planning received 24 complaints astir the unpermitted structure, including concerns astir its structural information and illumination.”

He added that nary licence was sought for the logo’s dismantlement this greeting but that “due to information concerns, the licence tin beryllium secured aft the operation is taken down.”

Hannan said the section would good the building’s proprietor for “building permits for the installation and removal of the structure” and to screen the department’s inspection and probe costs.

Videos of the logo implicit the play showed a agleam airy that pulsed and crawled crossed the logo, which the institution conscionable began utilizing astir a week ago. In one video, crews could beryllium seen finishing the removal of the Twitter sign from the broadside of the building.

Twitter proprietor Elon Musk previously called the logo an “interim” one, successful spot portion the institution worked connected a newer, much imperishable 1 to regenerate the company’s erstwhile vertebrate logo.

Update July 31st, 2023, 5:41PM ET: Added comments from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection and City Planning’s connection director.