Elon Musk is probably right about one thing

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It’s go an internet pastime to constituent retired each the things that Elon Musk is incorrect astir and each the ways he’s incorrect astir them. A database of them could beryllium an nonfiction of its own, but successful lieu of that, here’s a link that should suffice.

Instead, this nonfiction is astir thing that Musk is astir surely close about: the perilous authorities of the electrical grid.

Over the past twelvemonth and particularly successful the past mates months, Musk has been making the rounds astatine electrical inferior manufacture conferences, urging executives to put much successful the vigor transition. “I can’t stress enough: We request much electricity,” Musk said astatine 1 of the events. “However overmuch energy you deliberation you need, much than that is needed.”

Electric utilities person been anticipating a surge successful request arsenic governments and consumers turn progressively bullish connected electrification. Homes, concern and proscription each basal to payment from much almighty and much businesslike batteries, electrical motors, vigor pumps and more. In California, which is astatine the forefront of electrification, PG&E is predicting that energy request volition emergence 70% by 2043; Edison International is forecasting 60% maturation by 2045.