6 Tips for Raising Children (and Yourself) in a Body Positive Environment

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If you inquire immoderate positive size big astir their childhood, you are much than apt going to get stories of issues surrounding assemblage representation and/or analyzable relationships with food, that were often commented connected by adjacent household members. We are attempting to interruption generational trauma by becoming amended relation models for our children since we person seen the impacts first-hand. 

We spoke to a fewer experts, doctors, and person rounded up a database of tips for raising children to beryllium assemblage positive, oregon astatine slightest assemblage neutral. This tin besides beryllium utile if you’re a parent, a adjacent relative, oregon adjacent friends with radical who person children and are looking for a fewer tips for yourself!

1. Lead by Example

Surely, we each person memories of our parents’ relationships with their ain bodies. Whether it was antagonistic self-talk, comments others made to them, oregon however they dressed to fell definite parts of their bodies. Children are similar small sponges and soak up each the accusation astir them! 

body affirmative  children Image via Deepak Sethi for Canva

We asked @thatfatdoctor, Doctor of Clinical Psychology, their sentiment connected however parental behaviour affects children. Katelyn states, “Children larn astir the satellite done observing their parents. If they spot a genitor checking their assemblage successful the mirror, they larn to cheque their assemblage successful the mirror. If a guardian is hyper-focused connected food, they volition larn to justice themselves arsenic if nutrient has morality and what they devour determines their aforesaid worth. It’s a slippery slope that is to easy preventable – exemplary emotion and tolerance and acceptance instead.”

One of the champion ways to rise them successful a assemblage affirmative situation is to beryllium conscious of the things you’re saying astir your ain body. Even if determination are parts of yourself that you’re inactive moving connected loving, enactment a affirmative rotation connected it! Acknowledge that each bodies are antithetic and that’s what creates beauty.

2. Talk About Representation successful Media

It’s important to speech to children, particularly teenagers, astir the lack of divers assemblage representation successful TV, movies, magazines, and social media. If they don’t spot themselves reflected successful the media they’re consuming, it’s important for them to cognize that it doesn’t mean their bodies aren’t normal.

an interrogation  with Never ay Never star, Jeff Jenkins of Chubby DiariesImage via Nat Geo

Seek retired assemblage affirmative focused influencers and affirmative relation models for them – those who amusement unfiltered divers bodies and however beauteous they are!

Everything, pictures AND videos, tin beryllium edited to the constituent that bodies don’t adjacent look existent anymore. Seeing airbrushed and predominantly bladed “flawless” bodies lone acceptable children up to person unrealistic expectations astir their ain bodies. Reassurance that their assemblage is cleanable for them is key.

3. Attitudes Toward Physical Activities

This is simply a hard conception for adults to grasp due to the fact that it apt wasn’t the mode we grew up. Physical enactment should beryllium a celebration of movement, AKA joyful movement. It should beryllium thing that you bask that makes you consciousness good. It should ne'er beryllium utilized arsenic punishment oregon portrayed arsenic lone a mode to suffer value oregon to alteration your assemblage shape. 

Help them find thing that works for them. Whether it’s sports, dance, walking, yoga, skating – it’s important that children recognize that carnal enactment tin amended temper and sleep, tin beryllium thing you bash socially with friends oregon alone, and tin beryllium fun!

4. Healthy Relationships with Food

There are galore dietitians and nutritionists who sermon this taxable specifically connected societal media due to the fact that truthful galore of america grew up with disordered relationships with food. Erica MS, RDN, who goes by @listennutrition connected TikTok is 1 of those dietitians. She states “One mode we tin assistance kids make a affirmative narration with nutrient is to thatch them determination are nary ‘bad’ foods. Instead, we tin thatch them that foods incorporate antithetic nutrients and marque america consciousness otherwise erstwhile we devour them.”

Erica continues, “When kids deliberation of nutrient successful moralistic presumption similar ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ it tin trigger guilt and disordered eating behaviors. We tin dispersed the connection that each foods supply our bodies with vigor and it’s good to incorporated amusive foods and nutrient-dense foods successful a steadfast manner – it doesn’t person to beryllium each oregon nothing.”

raising assemblage  affirmative  childrenImage by TONL Imagery for Canva.com

Whether you grew up successful a “clean your plate” household oregon lived with an “almond mom,” a batch of our eating habits arsenic adults were formed arsenic children. To combat this cycle, similar Erica mentioned, it’s a bully thought to sermon the value of eating nutrients needed to prolong energy, but besides stress that it’s good to halt eating erstwhile you’re full. Plates don’t request to beryllium cleanable if fractional of your sheet fills you up.

Another extremity galore dietitians and nutritionists urge is having dessert already connected the meal plate. This helps children look astatine antithetic types of nutrient equally. If sweets are thing that is withheld, that could marque for an adulthood wherever that’s each they privation to devour since they are present successful control.

5. Limit Body-Focused Comments

Part of increasing up is learning astir yourself and unfortunately, immoderate of that learning comes from extracurricular sources and it is not ever assemblage positive. Try to absorption praise connected interior attributes. 

“You’re truthful smart!” 

“You’re truthful kind!” 

“You person a large consciousness of humor!”

Self-esteem is precise important during the formative years and emphasizing those interior attributes oregon talents that a kid has volition spell a agelong mode to physique them up. 

6. Correct Misinformation

Our children person truthful overmuch enactment with others extracurricular of their family. Whether it’s teachers, their friends, teammates – they volition inevitable sorb accusation that’s wholly contrary to the Health astatine Every Size model.

If they travel location saying things that disagree from what you person taught them successful the past, mildly redirect them. For example, explicate that steadfast habits are important and you can’t archer someone’s wellness from their weight. 

Parting Thoughts

The champion happening you tin bash for kid is explicit however overmuch you emotion and judge them unconditionally. Helping them consciousness assured successful themselves tin beryllium a long-lasting acquisition connected affirmative assemblage representation and adjacent however they presumption others.