23 Cream Pie Recipes to Share (Or Keep All to Yourself)

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All pie recipes are great (we try not to play favorites). But there’s something about cream pies that makes the dessert ultra-satisfying. Plus, there’s a cream pie recipe for every season: In summer, their lush, creamy fillings taste light and cooling. Come winter, they’re spiced and rich. And the rest of the year, they’re just as delightful.

Though similar to custard pies, cream pies are distinct. The difference is how the filling comes together: a custard filling is usually baked, while a cream pie filling is not. But we’re not here to be fastidious, so you’ll spot a few custard pies in the collection below—we promise they’ll satisfy just as well whenever a cream pie craving hits. An easy cream pie recipe can also be an excellent introduction to baking, since many are made with a graham cracker or pretzel crust (great for bakers who feel standard pie dough can be intimidating). When you are ready for something more advanced, consult our guide to blind baking and read these tips from a professional pie maker to get everything just right.

Want perfect pies? Check out the best pie pans, tested by the team at Epicurious. And grab a handful of our favorite pie weights for prepping blind-baked crusts. An electric mixer can help you make all the billowing marshmallow and meringue toppings your heart desires. And to finish off those sky-high garnishes (and impress your friends), reach for a kitchen torch.