SERAC-Bangladesh organized Youth Journalist Workshop on Youth Friendly Services (YFS)

SERAC-Bangladesh organized a “Youth Journalists Workshop” on Youth Friendly Services (YFS) on September 22, 2018, in Mymensingh district, the second density populated leafy city built on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River in Bangladesh.

Around 20 young journalists from Dhaka and Mymensingh participated in the long-day workshop to equip with enough knowledge on Youth Friendly Services (YFS), or more specifically youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health rights and services in the context of Bangladesh. SERAC-Bangladesh believes that young journalists, as well as young people, can play a dynamic part to combat the stigma regarding youth-friendly services in the society.

S. M. Shaikat, Executive Director, SERAC-Bangladesh

S. M. Shaikat, Executive Director, SERAC-Bangladesh giving a speech on why YFS is important and how journalists can engage with

The goal of the workshop was to acknowledge the mass media with the information on Youth Friendly Services (YFS) which is a content of youth access to sexual rights and reproductive health, youth access to contraceptives, safe abortion and menstrual hygiene issues and to encourage for their writings to make appropriate information and playing a vital role to remove the stigma from society

The workshop started with the introduction speech by Nusrat Sharmin Resma, Program Associate, SERAC-Bangladesh. Then, Tasnia Ahmed, Associate Program Officer, SERAC- Bangladesh gave a brief presentation on SERAC-Bangladesh and their project Right Here Rigth Now (RHRN) and its objectives. Later on, Mr. S. M. Shaikat, Executive Director, SERAC-Bangladesh, gave a speech on the importance of Youth Friendly Services and how journalists can engage with.

After a small break, Dr. Tareq Salahuddin, Editor of News Hour, talked about ensuring the roles of journalists to ensure Youth Friendly Services (YFS). Followed by the lunch break, a group work was held with all the participants, where they brainstormed on the ideas and presented some recommendations. The workshop was finished followed by the closing remarks by Ms. Shahina Yasmin, Program Director, SERAC-Bangladesh.

Dr. Tareq Salahuddin, Editor, News Hour

Dr. Tareq Salahuddin, Editor of News Hour talked about ensuring the roles of journalists to ensure Youth Friendly Services (YFS)

SERAC-Bangladesh is a youth-led NGO with special consultative status with the UNECOSOC, initiated in 1991 and registered in 1993 with legal existence from the Ministry of Social Welfare, Ministry of Youth & Sports, and the NGO Affairs Bureau under the Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh. The mission is to establish a human rights oriented environment that provides space for achievable development through access to education, health, livelihood, policy support for women, children and youth, and vulnerable communities.

The organization is a catalyst and leading space for young people in Bangladesh, and currently engaging more than 5000 volunteers across the country through diverse programs, including sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy.

Workshop participants presenting on youth friendly services

Participants presented some recommendations on problems and solutions regarding Youth Friendly Services (YFS)

SERAC-Bangladesh is running a project named Right Here Right Now (RHRN) in Bangladesh aiming to create a conducive policy environment through multilevel advocacy drives so that youth and adolescent clusters have improved access to youth-friendly services in public health facilities and meaningful participation in sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR) interventions to address the knowledge gaps. Under this project, SERAC-Bangladesh is advocating to ensure Youth Friendly Reproductive Health Services (YFS), Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), and Recognition of Third Gender rights at all levels.


Mehrab Masayeed Habib

Mehrab Masayeed Habib studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB). Currently, he is working for News Hour. He is passionate about automobiles. He is also the founder & trainer of Bangla Automobile School. He conducts workshops on automobile engineering at local level.
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