Man damages his own brain to forget the Infinity War spoilers he saw before

A Florida man has damaged his own brain because “he wanted to forget the Infinity War spoilers” that he saw on the Internet. Jonathan Crane, a 37-year old man, was tired of seeing spoilers of Infinity War on the Internet. He wasn’t able to watch the movie on time, and he saw a lot of spoilers on the Internet.

“Spoilers everywhere. I wasn’t able to understand the memes before, till the explained them to me. My friends and family are constantly talking about the movie, and I’ve been slowly decoding the entire plot of the movie. I now know more about the movie than most of them, and I haven’t even watched it”, Crane posted on Facebook, right before electrocuting his brain to forget about everything.

Crane took a copper cable and connected one end to a power source and the other end to his temple. He received an electric shock of 69,420 volts. He’s lucky to be alive.

He forgot about everything, but now he won’t be able to walk again or move voluntarily some parts of his body. So yes, he did what he wanted, but at a high cost.

His family announced that they’re taking him to the movies, so he can finally watch it. They’re begging everyone not to spoil him again, because the next time he receives another electric shock, he’s going to die.


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