JAAGO foundation’s first batch of SSC examinees achieved remarkable results

JAAGO foundation’s first batch of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examinees has achieved remarkable results with a 100% passing rate under NCTB’s English Version Curriculum. The result marks a huge milestone for JAAGO as 20 candidates had participated in the examination after 10 years of complete dedication and diligence. It is with the teamwork of the JAAGO SSC candidates along with sheer dedication of their teachers that brought about a passing rate of 100%.

These students come from a challenging background and they are not acquainted with the privileges and facilities like most candidates for the exam. A majority of these 20 individuals work to help out their families, whilst facing the challenges of studying under the English Version Curriculum.

The journey that Korvi Rakshand and JAAGO supporters had embarked on 11 years ago, to fight the nation’s poverty through the power of education, became a reality for them upon the achievements of these 20 students.


Korvi Rakshand stated, “This achievement needs to be shared and nurtured for not only the first batch of our SSC graduate children but for all those who do not have the luxuries that we inherit by default. It will serve as a model that we can pass forward to thousands of underprivileged children”. Mr. Rakshand adds, “It is absolutely wonderful to be able to read and write; a privilege we often take for granted. The ability to scribble down our thoughts or rationalize all that we see or even dip our toe into the river of knowledge is not an amenity readily available for all.”

JAAGO foundation is a civil society organization founded in 2007, working towards the betterment of the lives of the underprivileged through education and empowering the youth population of the country. The expedition of JAAGO started in a small room of Rayer Bazar slum with a carpet, whiteboard and only 17 students. Stage by stage, JAAGO expanded its quest of spreading the light of education gradually, not only within Dhaka but beyond it as well.

JAAGO is the pioneer of Online School Model which was introduced to overcome geographical challenges and taking quality education to the remotest areas of the country. For the successful implementation of Online School Model, JAAGO has been recognized by UNESCO and awarded “UNESCO Award” for ICT in Education in 2017.

Currently, JAAGO has 3 Conventional Schools and 9 Online Schools, teaching 3000 students across 11 districts of Bangladesh. JAAGO’s Education Program equips the deprived children within the nation with high-quality education by providing them with trained teachers and a research-based, creative curriculum.

JAAGO hopes to make a sustainable change within the development of the nation’s education sector by bringing into being such wonderful talents.


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