Corporate Yoga can increase productivity in the workplace

Yoga improves mental, psychological and physical health.  Mindfulness techniques can help people reduce stress.  Meditation can help people relax. Breathing exercises can be used to calm or energize oneself.

A regular yoga practice improves health (circulation, respiration, digestion, sleep, energy levels), increases core muscle strength (preventing back injuries and reducing backaches), leads to weight loss, raises immunity and reduces sickness.

Increasingly, corporates around the world are encouraging staff to engage in yoga for healthier attitudes at the workplace, lower levels of ‘burn-outs’, reduced stress, better performance, improved teamwork, enhanced creativity, higher immunity and increased confidence and wellbeing of staff. Many international companies are now offering yoga and mindfulness training to their staff, including Apple, Google, McKinsey, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble, Yahoo, General Mills and many more.

Shazia Omar’s class at Cityscape, 12th floor, Gulshan Ave, Dhaka on Thursday mornings at 8 am can help people to increase productivity and start mornings with yoga.

Shazia Omar

Shazia Omar is a social psychologist. She completed her undergrad at Dartmouth and a Masters at LSE. She works in the development sector and teaches yogilates. She’d like to fully harness the power of her mind and spirit to keep her energy high, and while she knows detachment is an art, she’d rather stay passionately attached and positive.
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