Nature-based preschools, a growing trend

Starting preschool at an early age is a predictor of success as an adult. And If that Preschool experience includes enough playing nature in nature can teach a child lifelong awareness and appreciation of the natural environment.

According to the Studies, kids who learn outdoors have better academic results, including higher scores on standardized tests, while they learn to love the outdoors and have fun. This kind of Nature-based preschools has been popular in Europe for decades, especially in Germany and Scandinavian countries.


This is relatively new idea in the US but is becoming more common day by day. A recent survey found there are more than 250 nature-based preschools across the US, two-thirds more than last year. But other continents are still on its way to get habituated with this educational method.

Nature-based preschools seek to help kids develop a personal relationship with the outdoors. This type of preschool isn’t an option for many kids, but there are things parents can do with their children to foster a love of nature. Read a book outside. Turn over rocks and see what’s living there. Richard Louv suggests a belly hike: Get down on your belly in the backyard and have a close look at all that lives between the blades of grass.

All these things will give children a sense of the diversity and wonder of the natural world and their place in it.


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