The Soul of Art

Art is the creative expression of artists’ mind and the statements of our times and conditions, with the power to shape our present and future. It is the universal language of mankind.

In the process of learning a language, we walk through steps with alphabets, words, sentences and so on. Fine art is based on similar foundations. By steps, we learn how to draw lines, forms, compositions, perspectives, proportions, colors and other ‘grammars’ of art. Most Fine art institutes teach these basic skills to prepare a student to begin his artistic journey. However, to be an artist, he needs much more than his art foundation; it requires his emotional and psychological strength to process time and the vast knowledge of mankind to a direction through his creation.

Creating art, no matter in what language, is the complicated process and the strength of it depends on the ‘creators’ power of combining skills and wisdom. One can write a novel, poetry, article, a sentence, a word or an incomplete sentence with a language and it is the same with fine art.


A large number of contemporary artists are creating what may be termed as a word or incomplete sentence due to a lacking of insight and technical skills. They are missing the interrelations between subjects, objects and all the issues to create a complete direction.

As a result, the art pieces or creations tend to be isolated from greater reality and thus, a loss of strength in their projections. In fact, some of these creations don’t even satisfy the fundamental questions like “What is it!” or “why did it born!” These creations are like journeys without destination or a number of hollow words clustered together without a comprehensive sentence, lacking a purpose.

Many of these are bright, popping with colors and bear glitz and glaze. Certainly, the philosophy behind these pieces doesn’t serve the betterment of mankind. If we only seek the beautification of our interior and exterior then these pieces are perfect but if we wish to enhance the beauty of our existence and shape a better future then we have to glorify the intelligence of an art piece alongside its’ beauty.

Sometimes, art pieces may not be understood by everyone but its essence is open to all. Certain art pieces are connected to the different level of intelligence. Therefore, for an audience, it requires that certain level of intelligence to attain the complete understanding of it, on the other hand, the visual pleasure and query remain for all. The intelligence of an art piece grows within people through ages which is the real strength of it. We can consider this intelligence in art like a soul to live on through time by being the legacy of humanity.


Tarak Mahadi is an artist. In the year 1998, he joined Mymensingh Zainul Abedin Art School. There he studied almost three years beside formal education. Later he graduated from the University of Dhaka under the Faculty of Fine Arts in 2006. He worked at Art Club Bangladesh from 2010 to 2012. He was the Vice president of WAG (NC) from 2013 to 2016. He has a book published in November 2012 along with other eleven artists across the world, titled “Shining Above The Rainbow” curated by Viet Tran.
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