Power Group Bd, friends make change in Bangladeshi apps industry

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Power Group BD thinks it knows what the future looks like. The company is trying to spark an evolution in IT sector.

Power Group Bd is a Bangladesh based Tech Company working with a view to making a digital revolution in Bangladesh.

This company was launched in 2012 with a group of talented entrepreneur. It is focused on Smart Phone Application Development, Web Solution, and IT Training.


News Hour:  Tell us about Power Group Bd.

PowerGroup BD:  Well,  PowerGroup BD  Limited is not just a Software Company. This is the name of a Dream. A Dream of being together, up together, down together, side together, back together! So, do you remember your childhood playground clapping rhymes? haha.. Yes, We are friends from the very beginning of our graduation life and after the completion of the degree, we dreamt of doing something new together, something for the betterment of our country.

News Hour:  When and how did Power Group Bd start?

PowerGroup BD:  Just after our graduation from AUST in CSE, we think not to do any job, but to do something of our own So that we can earn and serve our country too. So the journey of Power GP BD Limited began on February 13, 2012.

Then the technology of Smart Phone Application Development was upstream and BASIS started a course of ‘Android Application Development’. As a result of being interested in this platform, we started developing Android Applications. We didn’t have any office then. We used to work at any of ours home. We found out about the Google Play Store and opened an account there. Published an Application just for fun. We still didn’t know why we did so! After some days we saw, we started earning from Google Play Store from the application we uploaded there.  We got excited and took it seriously. Then we developed some more applications.  We felt the need of an Office and took the risk for it. We hired an office at Mohakhali DOHS and this is how the journey of Power GP BD Limited started.

News Hour:  Tell us about your inspiration.

PowerGroup BD: Our inspiration was unemployment. How? Yes, we are going to describe you.In Bangladesh, there are thousands of people unemployed. We think of creating job field for others by our office.

News Hour:  What are the special features of Power Group BD initiative?

PowerGroup BD:  We work on various projects which can make life and work more easier for the people or the organizations too. Some of our works are – School Management System, Office Management System, Restaurant Management System, Helpline System, Restaurant Finder, Prayer Time – with which people can get the time of their Salat time along with Qibla, eCommerce Sites and Apps, Customer Feedback system and so on. We work on the web, Android, iOS platform mainly. And other platforms are also in our grip.

News Hour:  Tell us about any special experience.

PowerGroup BD: We feel so great when we see people are using our system from a various platform and we can help them to get life easier. We have worked for Grameen Phone Feedback system and the system is running in their Gulshan Branch, Also we have worked for Apex, Shawapno too and the system is also running in various branches. We have worked for DSS Westcafe Restaurant. When we see thousands of people are using our system our joy knows no bound. Working with BCIC was also one of the special experience for us as by working with them, we got connected with our Government too.

News Hour:  What have Power Group Bd achieved so far?

PowerGroup BD: We can tell something about our recent achievement! FBStart is a Facebook Program which is for helping the Startups if they have the quality. We achieved this opportunity from Facebook and the amount was $40,000. We are the first company in Bangladesh who got this opportunity for the first time from the country and we are also the only company who got this for two times from Bangladesh. One is on 2014 and another is on 2017.

News Hour: What do you think about today’s Bangladeshi mobile app industry? What’s its future?

PowerGroup BD:  Bangladesh’s mobile apps industry is running so fast. We have so many talented peoples who are working on this platform. And in the near future, Bangladesh will do great works on this platform.

News Hour: What was the toughest challenge Power Group Bd have ever faced?

PowerGroup BD:  Being an entrepreneur, itself is a challenge. Among all, the toughest part was to think about it without any investment. Our hard work and dedication made us overcome the challenge.

News Hour:  What is Power Group Bd’s future plan?

PowerGroup BD:  We want to create something that will solve any problem of our daily life and make our life easier. Moreover, we want to do something for our country.

News Hour:  Do Power Group Bd have any plan to guide the youth generation to be more involved with tech industry?

PowerGroup BD: Nowadays, the more development on technology is taking place, the more young generations are being passionate about it. There are many sectors involved with technology. Choose any one and take a step forward towards it. It’s the best field to show your creativity. In future, We have the plan to guide this generation through training.

News Hour: Thank you.

PowerGroup BD: You are most welcome.

Rafiuzzaman Sifat

Md. Rafiuzzaman Sifat, a CSE graduate turned into journalist, works at News Hour as a staff reporter. He has many years of experience in featured writing in different Bangladeshi newspapers. He is an active blogger, story writer and social network activist. He published a book named 'Se Amar Gopon' inEkushe boi mela Dhaka 2016. Sifat got a BSc. from Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology, Bangladesh. He also works as an Engineer at Bangla Trac Communications Ltd. As an avid traveler and a gourmet food aficionado, he is active in publishing restaurant reviews and cutting-edge articles about culinary culture.
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