Sex is better at hotels than at home

News Hour:

There’s a reason that couples tend to enjoy a romantic getaway involving a hotel stay. Research shows that the benefits of a hotel bed are two-fold for lovers, reports Fox News.

Researchers have found sex in a hotel causes a heightened rush of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which makes us happier by activating the pleasure center of our brains, like when you eat your favorite food or watch your favorite show.

First, being in a new place increases dopamine, the powerful neutrotransmitter molecule that controls senses of pleasure and excitement.

Second, checking into a hotel is synonymous with the experience of a vacation — and the expected escape from daily preoccupations — which is a certain boon when it comes to getting the mood right for improved intimacy.

Of course, a hotel’s clean rooms, fresh sheets, and friendly anonymity can’t hurt, either, providing a safe and ideal space for couples to get away from the normal distractions of home that could be dragging down their love lives.


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