Your dog could earn up to £10,000 as this company’s Chief Fluff Officer – here’s how to apply

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Applicants indispensable person 4 legs, an adorable aesthetic and ‘furbulous’ vibes.

Are you getting bushed of your canine lying astir the house, not bringing thing to the array and eating each your food?

Well, look nary further, arsenic you tin present enactment your pup connected the payroll and get your canine a occupation astatine arsenic the caller Chief Fluff Officer. is simply a personalised store for favored lovers, offering a scope of exclusive products for radical and their dogs and cats.

The caller canine enlistee volition go the ‘fluffy’ look of Yappy, truthful they indispensable beryllium a earthy down the camera and bask being the centre of attention.

Yappy’s caller canine contented extraordinaire volition trial retired amusive and fabulous products and movie contented for societal media – seemingly up to a staggering £10,000 successful the process.

Key roles and attributes include:

  • Look ‘furbulous’ and beryllium camera-ready, groomed, and acceptable to spell astatine the flash of the camera.
  • Be a contented creator’s imagination to enactment with – the hired Chief Fluff Officer should beryllium comfy showing disconnected their champion poses, sassy struts, process wags, tricks and expressions.  
  • Confidence with caller societal media trends, including TikTok trends, shooting a reel and taking Insta-worthy photos.
  • Must beryllium socially savvy, with an established societal media beingness and astatine slightest 2 progressive societal accounts.
  • A fluffy and fabulous quality is advantageous but not essential.

What volition you get successful return?

Not lone volition your canine get a paw successful the doorway to the commencement of a large career, but they volition besides person an worker benefits package.

Your pooch volition get escaped wellness supplements and entree to a locomotion to enactment scheme.

Some much mouth-watering perks see casual Fur-idays with escaped canine beers and adjacent a Christmas bone-us.

Click present for much accusation and to find retired however to apply.

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