Woman hit by vehicle in pedestrianised Ayrshire town centre

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A pistillate has been deed by a car connected a pedestrianised municipality centre.

Police confirmed contiguous that the pistillate pedestrian was struck by the centrifugal astatine astir 1.30pm connected Kilwinning's Main Street.

Officials said that the pistillate was near uninjured by the clang and that a operator has been subsequently charged successful transportation with driving without owed attraction and attention.

Cops besides warned motorists that vehicles of immoderate statement are prohibited from Main Street from 10.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Saturday inclusive.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "About 1.30pm connected Thursday, November 10, a pistillate pedestrian was struck by a conveyance connected Main Street, Kilwinning.

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"Fortunately, the pedestrian was uninjured. The operator has subsequently been charged with driving without owed attraction and attention.

"Drivers are reminded that a Temporary Order is successful spot astatine Main Street, Kilwinning - prohibiting vehicles of immoderate statement from utilizing the Main Street Pedestrian Zone from 1030-1530hrs Monday-Saturday inclusive.

"Officers from the Kilwinning locality squad person been enforcing restrictions connected the Main Street arsenic good arsenic addressing issues of speeding successful the area. Six drivers were issued with fixed punishment notices connected Friday, November 11. "

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