WIN TICKETS: Irish comedy trio Foil Arms and Hog return to America

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Ireland’s apical sketch radical are backmost touring successful the USA and we person tickets to giveaway! 

With implicit 500 cardinal online views, including the viral hits ‘Getting past US Immigration’ and ‘When Irish People Can’t Speak Irish’, the radical are champion known for their online sketches, but it’s successful their unrecorded shows wherever they truly shine. Following the occurrence of their sold retired North American circuit earlier this year, the lads are making a instrumentality this November.

Their USA shows volition spot them visiting the pursuing cities and tickets are disposable here:

  • Friday, November 4th astatine Boulder Theater successful Boulder, CO
  • Tuesday, November 8th astatine Paramount Theatre successful Austin, TX
  • Wednesday, November 16th astatine Turner Hall Ballroom successful Milwaukee
  • Friday, November 18th astatine Schrott Center successful Indianapolis
  • Saturday, November 19th astatine Vic Theatre successful Chicago, IL

We person 3 pairs (6 tickets each) for the supra Foil Arms and Hog shows to giveaway successful a metropolis of your choice. To participate capable retired the signifier below:

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The group's sanction evolved from nicknames each of the members had for each other, Foil (Seán Finegan) being the drama foil, Arms (Conor McKenna) was 'all arms and legs' and Hog (Seán Flanagan) due to the fact that helium ostensibly hogged the limelight.

They met each different successful assemblage and person been touring their unrecorded shows implicit the past 9 years to audiences each crossed the globe.

So halt hiding down your laptop and travel spot them successful existent beingness for sketches, music, and improvisation. If you don't laughter they'll bargain you a pint!

Click present to get your tickets and to presumption the afloat docket to Foil Arms and Hog's North America Tour. 

You tin cheque retired their website for much accusation and support up to day with them connected Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.