Who is Scissors from The Masked Dancer UK?

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THE Masked Dancer features plentifulness of weird and fantastic costumes.

Scissors is conscionable 1 of the bizarre characters connected the show, but who is it?

Scissors connected the Masked Singer, ITV


Scissors connected the Masked Singer, ITVCredit: ITV

Who is Scissors connected The Masked Dancer?

Scissors is one of the brainsick characters competing successful the 2nd bid of The Masked Dancer.

Scissors is hoping to support their individuality concealed for arsenic agelong arsenic imaginable - but fans of the amusement are already convinced they cognize who the celeb successful the costume is.

Several guessed that the performer was Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall, saying galore of the clues added up.

The speculation came aft the quality was seen posing down a barroom saying "I've surely done my just stock of touring".

Fans rapidly took to societal media to stock their predicitions.

The Masked Dancer fans each accidental aforesaid happening arsenic Peter Crouch joins panel

The Masked Dancer fans sanction large sports prima arsenic Candlestick

One Masked Dancer fan wrote: "I tin spot scissors being jade thirwall makes truthful overmuch consciousness to maine does it for anyone else?

"Talent show, the penning connected the mirror, she owns a barroom successful Newcastle?"

However, not everyone felt the aforesaid - with guesses besides flooding successful for Ashley Roberts from The Pussycat Dolls and Peter Crouch's wife, Abbey Clancy.

But it volition beryllium up to the sheet of judges to conjecture who they deliberation it could be.

Judge Jonathan Ross has besides guessed that Amanda Holden could beryllium down the mask.

How does The Masked Dancer work?

The 12 dancers are primitively divided into 2 groups of six.

The six dancers are past paired up and aft their performance, 1 is voted harmless by the assemblage with the different landing successful the bottommost three.

Their creation routines volition beryllium coupled with amusive VT dropping hints to the masked celeb.

The amusement volition besides see clues to the existent individuality of the performer.

Despite a batch of the hints being beauteous vague, aft each show the judges indispensable conjecture the ID of the dancer - with immoderate being mode disconnected the mark.

As the amusement is pre-recorded the workplace assemblage gets to ballot for their favourite, but erstwhile it's whittled down to the last two, the judges unsocial take who they privation to beryllium unmasked.

The characters volition beryllium hoping to travel successful the footsteps of bid 1 winner, Olympic gymnast Louis Smith.

Judges Oti Mabuse, Jonathan Ross and Davina McCall are joined by Peter Crouch connected the judging sheet as helium replaces Mo Gilligan.

Joel Dommett returns arsenic host.

What different characters are connected The Masked Dancer?

There are plentifulness of weird and fantastic costumes lined-up for the 2nd series.

Joining Scissors connected the creation level are:

  • Duo Pillar and Post
  • Pig
  • Candlestick
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Tomato Sauce
  • Cactus
  • Prawn Cocktail
  • Odd Socks
  • Pearly King
  • Sea Slug
  • Astronaut - eliminated

How to ticker The Masked Dancer?

The 2nd play of The Masked Dancer returned connected Saturday, September 3, 2022.

The amusement volition aerial astatine 6:30pm on ITV each Saturday night.

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There are 8 episodes of The Masked Dancer UK 2022 successful total.

Any missed episodes volition past beryllium disposable to drawback up connected ITV Hub.