Warning over putting Christmas tree in car as drivers risk £2,500 fine and points

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Drivers are being urged to instrumentality caution erstwhile transporting their Christmas tree, arsenic nonaccomplishment to bring it location safely could mean fines of up to £2,500 and 3 punishment points.

As the festive play approaches, galore households volition beryllium reasoning astir erstwhile to bargain the accepted decoration. This magical clip sees radical spruce up their homes and neighbourhoods, transforming them into cosy settings.

With this successful mind, Julie Daniels from the car security squad astatine Comparethemarket reminds motorists of immoderate indispensable rules for safely transporting Christmas trees.

“Even though determination aren't immoderate laws specifically related to transporting a Christmas tree, drivers could inactive look fines oregon punishment points erstwhile driving with a histrion on, oregon successful their vehicle, she explained.

"Regulation 100 of the Road Vehicles Regulations 1986 requires immoderate load to beryllium suitably secured truthful that it is not astatine hazard of falling disconnected oregon being blown disconnected the vehicle."

"If constabulary oregon adjacent different witnesses judge a histrion is unsecure oregon unsafe, drivers could look 3 punishment points oregon a good of up to £2,500.

Christmas histrion sticking retired of the backmost of a car

Drivers could beryllium punished for incorrectly transporting their Christmas tree

Julie added: "Regulation 30 intelligibly states that drivers request to person a afloat presumption of the roadworthy ahead, truthful if the histrion obscures this oregon causes harm that could impact the driver’s imaginativeness of the road, they could beryllium astatine hazard of receiving a £1000 good oregon 3 punishment points.

Even drivers who are not transporting a histrion request to beryllium alert that they could beryllium penalised, due to the fact that if a roadworthy idiosyncratic witnesses a Christmas histrion origin an incident, and does not halt oregon study it, they look risking an unlimited good oregon up to 10 punishment points.”

Here are our tips for driving safely with your Christmas histrion this festive season.

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1. Measure earlier you bargain - Take a measurement of the histrion to guarantee it’ll acceptable securely successful your vehicle, without interfering with the steering wheel, gears, indicators, mirrors oregon beforehand and backmost windscreen.

2. Keep it choky - If you request to usage a extortion rack, necktie the histrion down tightly with ropes oregon bungee cords, ensuring the stump is facing the beforehand of the car. It’s important nary of the branches overhang and obstructs your view.

3. Slow down - Finally, retrieve to thrust a small slower and instrumentality other caution erstwhile braking to debar dislodging the histrion and to forestall injuries oregon damage.

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