Unionists accuse Nicola Sturgeon of 'Trump tactics' on independence

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UNIONIST politicians person accused the SNP of drafting from the “Trump playbook” aft those opposed to a 2nd referendum were accused of “denying democracy”.

Scottish LibDem person Alex Cole-Hamilton said Nicola Sturgeon’s remarks that independence supporters were present “Scotland’s ideology movement” were reminiscent of erstwhile US president Donald Trump’s populist tactics.

He tweeted: “This ‘Scotland’s ideology movement’ rubric is consecutive retired of the Trump playbook and tin get successful the bin.

“I was elected to reason a referendum with much votes than immoderate different campaigner successful the past of the Scottish Parliament. It’s my antiauthoritarian work to proceed to reason it.”

It comes aft the First Minister addressed a Yes rally for the archetypal clip since 2019 aft the Supreme Court blocked a 2nd Scottish independency referendum.

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The tribunal ruled plans to clasp a ballot successful October adjacent twelvemonth without Westminster’s support were not lawful nether the presumption of the Scotland Act – the instrumentality which created the Scottish Parliament and acceptable its powers.

Ian Murray, the shadiness Scottish caput and the country’s lone Labour MP, made akin comments successful a Twitter treatment astir what 1 commentator described arsenic a displacement successful the connection of the Yes movement.

He tweeted: “We are successful a atrocious spot erstwhile the authorities untruthfully claims ideology denial arsenic a conception to inflame.”

In an interrogation with Sky News connected Wednesday aft the ruling was announced, Scottish Labour person Anas Sarwar said Sturgeon wanted to “play connected the authorities of anger”.

He said: “I conscionable person a precise antithetic presumption and a precise antithetic imaginativeness for the aboriginal of Scotland than Nicola Sturgeon does.

“I judge successful cooperation, she believes successful conflict. I judge successful unity, she believes successful division.

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“She wants to play connected the authorities of anger, I privation to decision the authorities of anger. That’s much Scottish successful my view, done our Scottish history, than what she presents arsenic portion of the Scottish National Party platform.”

Alistair Carmichael, the LibDem MP for Orkney and Shetland, wrote successful The Independent connected Wednesday that the SNP were conflating a 2nd referendum with ideology – thing helium described arsenic “dangerous”.

He wrote: “Sturgeon and the SNP suggest that we are presently not surviving successful a existent democracy. It is simply a unsafe way to spell down.

“If you archer radical for agelong capable that they bash not unrecorded successful a democracy, that determination is simply a footwear upon their neck, past they volition commencement to judge it – and enactment accordingly.

“If you archer radical – arsenic the First Minister did contiguous – that ‘the precise ideology of our federation depends connected independence’ past the accusation is chilling.

“If you bash not judge that the state you unrecorded successful is simply a ideology past each sorts of behaviours go legitimised. Opponents go enemies; contrary voices go traitors and quislings.”

A spokesperson for the First Minister said: “The lone radical behaving similar Donald Trump are the Unionist politicians who are trying to unreal they won an predetermination they lost.”