TotalEnergies denies claim it made fuel for Russian forces

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PARIS (AP) — A French and a Ukrainian nongovernmental enactment person filed a ailment for “complicity successful warfare crimes” against TotalEnergies, which they impeach of having operated a state tract that allegedly produces kerosene utilized by Russian warplanes successful Ukraine. The French lipid elephantine denied producing kerosene for the Russian military.

The Paris counterterrorism prosecutor’s bureau confirmed connected Friday that it formally received the ailment and is going to analyse it.

A connection from TotalEnergies denounced “outrageous and defamatory” accusations which “are an insult to the integrity of our teams and spell against our values.”

The determination by Ukrainian quality rights radical Razom We Stand (Together We Stand) and French enactment Darwin Climax Coalition follows the work successful August of an probe by British NGO Global Witness and French paper Le Monde.

“We are precise determined to clasp Total accountable,” Svitlana Romanko, the manager of Razom We Stand, told the Associated Press. “We expect from the authoritative that helium and his bureau volition unfastened the lawsuit and analyse to amusement connections with Russia … and each fiscal tools that person enabled bombarding the civilians successful my country,” she said.

“We purpose to make a precedent for each different institution who would adjacent situation to interruption successful that mode and make specified an maltreatment of quality rights, particularly erstwhile the state is successful unfastened war,” she added.

The NGOs’ lawyers, William Bourdon, Vincent Brengarth and Henri Thulliez, said successful a connection that “the question of accountability of the world’s largest corporations has ne'er been truthful acute, peculiarly successful struggle zones.”

Le Monde and Global Witness analyzed information to hint the proviso concatenation of a state tract successful Termokarstovoye, successful Siberia wherever liquefied state is allegedly turned into kerosene and utilized to substance warplanes successful 2 subject aerial bases successful Russia.

Total utilized to ain 49% of the institution which exploits the Siberian state tract Tenerftegaz, alongside its Russian spouse Novatek which owned 51%. Last month, TotalEnergies sold its stakes to Novatek.

TotalEnergies said Friday that the state condensate produced by Ternertegaz has been “exported abroad.”

“It is truthful intolerable that it was utilized by the Russian service arsenic substance for their aircraft,” the radical said successful a statement.

The 2 subject aerial bases mentioned by Le Monde and Global Witness are location to craft progressive successful astir of the bombings of Ukraine’s metropolis of Mariupol, according to NGOs Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, including the Mariupol theatre airstrike — the azygous deadliest known onslaught successful the warfare against civilians to day — which killed astir 600 radical connected March 16 according to an AP investigation.

TotalEnergies, which has travel nether harsh disapproval for pursuing its activities successful Russia, said it was “its duty” to proceed providing state to proviso Europe. The radical said it has semipermanent contracts for the acquisition of liquefied earthy state that it indispensable fulfil fixed it does not autumn nether sanctions from the European Union.

In March, TotalEnergies announced it would “gradually suspend” its operations successful Russia.

The French radical said it “firmly condemns” Russia’s subject aggression against Ukraine.

Dozens of overseas multinational corporations person curtailed operations successful Russia, amid sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its Western allies.


Jade Le Deley successful Paris and Barbara Surk successful Nice contributed.

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