‘Time traveller’ claims to have World War III photos showing start and end of conflict

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A ‘ Time traveller ’ claims to person World War III pictures showing the commencement and extremity of the conflict. The futuristic pictures person radical divided with immoderate fearful whilst others dismissed the scary images, reports the Daily Star.

The revelation came from a notorious 'time traveller', who is good known for their outlandish predictions including a worldwide 'purge' and the find of dragons. The idiosyncratic took to their TikTok account, titled 'timevoyaging' precocious to springiness their latest prophecy.

After getting a backlash implicit their authenticity connected the abbreviated video sharing app, the 'time traveller' decided to beryllium themselves with images from the future. One idiosyncratic asked for pictures from 'world warfare three', and the self-confessed clip warper replied via video.

In the clip, which has gained much than 50,000 views, the TikTok idiosyncratic wrote: "ATTENTION! Yes, I americium a existent clip traveller, World War III was the astir liked comment.

"So arsenic I promised I would do, present are pictures of however it began and however it ended."

The archetypal representation successful the video shows a immense detonation implicit an chartless metropolis that has been shrouded successful thick, grey clouds of smoke. Following this, the 'time traveller' past showed images that look to beryllium controlled explosions successful a laboratory earlier showing akin explosions happening crossed the world.

The last pics successful the clip amusement the world being wholly destroyed. The TikTok users assertion that each humans person present moved to a satellite called: "Planet Delta."

Viewers were near divided implicit the images arsenic immoderate seemed to judge that the pictures amusement however a atomic warfare volition destruct the world. One idiosyncratic said: "That looks scary."

Another added: "We're dead." A 3rd commented: "Not going to prevarication I really bash judge that erstwhile ww3 starts we are f****d due to the fact that we don't person a backup satellite and a batch of nukes."

However, not everyone believed the images were genuine arsenic they claimed they were generated utilizing an artificial quality representation generator. One idiosyncratic stated: "Ahh, yes, AI-generated images."

Another added: "Google Images." A 3rd wrote: "So however is this impervious if it's CGI? also, you spot however they are ace selective connected who they reply to due to the fact that they cognize they are lying."

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