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The Turkish Ambassador to Ghana, Dr. Özlem Ergün Ulueren, has explained the rationale down the concern betwixt the Turkish Maarif Foundation and the Hijra Club to instrumentality implicit and tally their schoolhouse arsenic Maarif International School Ghana which volition greatly payment Ghanaian parents looking for satellite people but affordable acquisition for their wards.  

Speaking astatine the signing and handing implicit ceremonial betwixt the Turkish Maarif Foundation Ghana and the Hijra Club to motion documents of a caller basal schoolhouse astatine Spintex, she made it known that this concern volition fortify the 2 countries, which volition supply prime acquisition services to International Standards successful processing countries, specified arsenic Ghana.

Dr. Özlem Ergün Ulueren added that this inaugural volition assistance Ghana execute the 4th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) which is the prime acquisition which is to guarantee that by 2030, each girls and boys volition person entree to prime aboriginal puerility acquisition and assistance the President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo’s imaginativeness of “Ghana Beyond Aid”.

She again commended the Government for specified an important and applausive inaugural which volition further assistance the Nation and Africa arsenic a full successful presumption of Education.

Executive Board Member of the Turkish Maarif Foundation Ghana, Professor. Dr. Mehmet Ozkan besides stated the benefits a Ghanaian pupil enjoys successful this acquisition programme which is to question to Turkey with different students crossed the globe and besides has a afloat funded tuition.

The Hijra Club Chairman, El Haj Yusif Ibrahim besides made it known that the concern betwixt Hijra Club and Maarif Foundation is to assistance learners, particularly Ghanaian younker to person entree to prime Education for the betterment of the Nation arsenic a whole.

The Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF) was established successful 2016 by an enactment of Parliament passed by the Turkish government.

This authorities foundation’s superior relation is to supply high-quality, holistic acquisition and acquisition services and acquisition assistance to young radical worldwide.

The foundation’s ngo is to transportation retired broad acquisition activities passim the satellite based connected the shared values of humanity and the Anatolian contented of contented arsenic the sole entity authorized to supply acquisition services overseas connected behalf of the Turkish State.

The instauration presently has 363 acquisition institutions and 51 dormitories dispersed crossed the globe. As a result, the TMF oversees institutions successful North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

As expected, astir institutions are concentrated successful Africa, wherever determination is the top need. Maarif is present a planetary acquisition instauration with implicit 50,000 students.