Teen diagnosed with cancer after concerned head teacher rang parents

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A teen received a bosom breaking leukaemia diagnosis aft his acrophobic head teacher phoned location to his parents, Manchester Evening News reports. Connor Ellerton had antecedently suffered with aggregate receptor infections but his GP was not disquieted astir them and prescribed him with antibiotics.

The past 14-year-old, from Merseyside, carried connected arsenic mean until his caput teacher rang his parent successful 2019 aft Connor's rugby squad grooming league to pass her thing was wrong. The schoolhouse asked his parents, Joanne and Ian to travel and cod him and they decided to instrumentality him to A&E.

Joanne said: "Connor had an receptor corruption and the doc gave him immoderate antibiotics but it kept happening. The doc kept giving him antibiotics but past implicit the summertime holidays helium was grooming with his schoolhouse rugby squad and the headteacher rang asking america to travel and prime him up.

"We decided we needed to instrumentality him to A&E due to the fact that thing wasn't right. The doc astatine the infirmary said she thought helium had a perforated receptor drum.

"She took bloods but she wasn't blessed with the results." Connor was sent for different trial which revealed his bosom breaking diagnosis arsenic doctors informed the teen helium was suffering from leukaemia.

Joanne added: "He didn't look right, helium was similar a yellowy-grey colour. She past took different acceptable of bloods truthful we went for a sandwich and came backmost to beryllium told helium had leukaemia."

Connor with his parents Joanne and Ian

Connor with his parents Joanne and Ian

The 50-year-old store adjunct was perfectly devastated astir her son's diagnosis and enactment her beingness connected clasp having conscionable graduated from Edge Hill. Brave Connor who underwent 3 pugnacious years of chemotherapy portion achieving 9 A's and B's successful his GSCES managed to bushed cancer.

Connor who is present 17 has besides returned to the rugby transportation pursuing his each wide confirmation. Connor returned to his beloved athletics lone 1 week aft finishing his attraction erstwhile the Southport RFC'S under-18's manager asked him to play the past 10 minutes.

The teen was unaware that coach, James Cook had secretly arranged for the crippled to beryllium stopped and a defender of honour was fixed to the crab survivor. Joanne who was near precise affectional by this touching tribute said: "James arranged a passageway to clap him onto the pitch.

"It was amazing. None of america knew it was going to happen."

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