Strictly's Will Mellor 'hasn't trained all week' as he's bedbound by illness

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Actor Will Mellor has been forced to slack disconnected Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals this week aft being struck down with illness.

The Two Pints of Lager histrion revealed that helium has been battling an unwellness successful a video shared connected his Instagram, with reports that helium hasn't been capable to bid with spouse Nancy Xu each week.

The 46-year-old histrion attended grooming connected Monday, earlier being excessively unwell to proceed and needed to caput location to remainder and has been 'laid up ever since'.

However, contempt not being capable to walk hours successful rehearsals this week, Will is reported to inactive beryllium hopeful helium tin inactive instrumentality to the level for Saturday night's performance.

Will Mellor and Nancy Xu

Strictly prima Will Mellor reveals he's been incapable to bid each week owed to unwellness that has near him 'bedbound'

Posting connected his Instagram and speaking to his 372k followers, the histrion said successful a video: "First of all, I privation to apologise for the mode I sound, I person not been good astatine each this week.

"I went into grooming Monday and I conscionable had to spell location due to the fact that I was feeling poorly and I've been laid up ever since."

The prima continued: "I got a bug, virus, immoderate you privation to telephone it and I was aching each over, it's horrible. If you've got it retired there, I consciousness your symptom due to the fact that a batch of it is going astir this clip of year, these flu variants.

"I've conscionable done Strictly It Takes Two and a batch of radical person been commenting saying 'You dependable truly poorly,' truthful I wanted to conscionable accidental acknowledgment for your comments but I astir apt dependable worse than I americium due to the fact that I've coughed my pharynx out.

Will Mellor and Nancy Xu

Viewers of It Takes Two connected Monday noticed the prima sounded unwell

"But yeah, I went into grooming for the archetypal clip contiguous conscionable to bash a mates of hours due to the fact that I've got to execute connected Saturday nighttime unrecorded truthful let's conscionable anticipation I tin get done it."

The histrion was inactive successful bully spirits contempt his illness, arsenic helium ended the video arsenic helium said: "It's Ed Sheeran's Joker and The Queen that I'm doing this week and I emotion that opus truthful I truly privation to bash it justice. But we'll conscionable person to spot what I tin do."

Fans were speedy to nonstop get good wishes to the actor, and sending him enactment for Saturday's show.

One instrumentality commented: "Hope ur feeling amended soon Will".

Will and Nancy person been riding precocious connected the leaderboard

Another wrote: "Get good soon man. We're rooting for you".

"Get good Will. Voting for you each week . You are a large dancer. Love Nancy too," added a third.

So acold Will has been praised by the judges for his awesome debut and past week the prima won implicit viewers past week with his show of an American Smooth to Dirty Dancing way Cry to Me during Movie Week.

The Mirror has approached Strictly Come Dancing reps for comment.