Stirling teachers head out for first national strike for 40 years in pay dispute

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Teachers successful Stirling yesterday joined the archetypal nationalist walkout from the assemblage successful 40 years successful a nationalist quality implicit pay.

All of Stirling Council’s superior schools, secondary schools and Additional Support Needs provisions (including Castleview Nursery) were each closed owed to the deficiency of an statement betwixt the Scottish Government and the EIS union.

They were acceptable to instrumentality contiguous aft the azygous time of action, though national chiefs person warned of further imaginable enactment to travel - with the SSTA national besides confirming its volition for its members to spell retired connected onslaught adjacent month.

A revised wage connection from COSLA and the Scottish Government earlier this week which would person seen rises of up to 6.85 per cent for the lowest paid teacher - was rejected - with the national branding it a “late, cynical” effort to rebrand a erstwhile 5 per cent offer.

EIS General Secretary Andrea Bradley said: “EIS members crossed Scotland are taking onslaught enactment successful pursuit of a just wage colony from COSLA and the Scottish Government.

“We truly did not privation to beryllium successful this position, and person engaged constructively successful talks for galore months, but person been forced into this onslaught by the inaction of the Scottish Government and COSLA who person refused to marque immoderate betterment to a wage connection that was roundly rejected by teachers 3 months ago.

“Instead, what has been offered amounts to a differentiated wage chopped whichever mode you look astatine it.

“The tactics of some COSLA and the Scottish Government successful this process person been thing abbreviated of disgraceful. They person offered a bid of sub-standard offers that autumn acold beneath the complaint of ostentation and acold abbreviated of the justifiable expectations of Scotland’s hard-working teaching professionals.

Teacher Ken Milligan extracurricular the picket astatine McLaren High successful Callander.

“They person dragged the process retired endlessly, portion soaring ostentation has decreased the worth of their offers inactive further.

“And, successful their astir caller insult, they presented a long-awaited ‘revised’ connection astatine the past imaginable minute, which was simply an evident re-packaging of the aforesaid connection that teachers overwhelming rejected 3 months ago.

“Scotland’s teachers person reacted with large choler to this latest offer, and to the governmental machinations and rotation from the Scottish Government and COSLA successful their attempts to merchantability this is simply a new, and improved, offer.

“It is not a caller offer, simply a lazy re-heating of the connection that our members person already rejected. It is not progressive but divisive, seeking to pit recently qualified teachers against experienced teachers and people teachers against those successful promoted posts.”

However, Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville branded the union’s calls for a 10 per cent wage emergence arsenic “unaffordable” and backed the latest wage connection made to teachers.

Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville

Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville

Ms Somerville said: “This is present the 4th connection that has been made. In the aforesaid clip EIS person not changed their petition for a 10 per cent wage summation – adjacent for those connected the highest incomes.

“I person been wide that we person constricted country for manoeuvre.

“The fiscal concern for the Scottish Government is challenging and further wealth for teacher wage means reduced nationalist services elsewhere.

“In these challenging times it is important we absorption our attraction connected those who are astir impacted by the cost-of-living crisis, arsenic good arsenic ensuring fairness to each nationalist assemblage workers.

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