SNP government slammed for 'ploughing ahead' with P1 testing despite opposition

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The SNP authorities has been slammed for "ploughing ahead" with P1 investigating contempt concerns astir the argumentation from a elder fig successful the enactment and absorption MSPs.

Toni Giugliano, the SNP's argumentation chief, has antecedently said investigating 4 and 5 twelvemonth olds arsenic "compounding pressures and intelligence wellness problems".

In 2018 the Scottish Parliament voted by 63 votes to 61 for a question calling for the authorities to halt tests among superior 1 pupils. Despite this determination person been 280,000 tests carried retired until July 13, 2022.

Education Secretary Shirley-Anne Somerville, responding to a written parliamentary question from Lib Dem MSP Willie Rennie, said "there are nary plans to discontinue nationalist standardised assessments for P1 learners".

Rennie deed retired astatine the SNP branding the tests a "waste of time", portion the authorities said determination was "no grounds of the assessments having a antagonistic interaction connected the wellness and wellbeing".

The erstwhile Scottish Lib Dem person added: "The SNP’s blinkered determination to plough up with P1 investigating ignores the voices of parents, teachers, parliament and adjacent their party’s ain argumentation convenor.

"The unequivocal connection from teachers has been and continues to beryllium that these pointless tests archer them thing that they bash not cognize already. It is an utter discarded of clip and a unsafe blockade that gets successful the mode of learning for much than 40,000 children each year.

"In ignoring the volition of parliament, the SNP are behaving successful a profoundly undemocratic way. They look to lone privation the Scottish Parliament to beryllium a talking store for independence. They don’t similar accountability, transparency oregon doing what is champion for our children. The Education Secretary is delusional if she thinks these tests are helping.

"Once upon a clip that wasn't conscionable the presumption of teachers and the Scottish Liberal Democrats, it was the Greens too. Now it seems they person folded and are portion of a authorities that intends to transportation connected these tests.

"Scottish Liberal Democrats volition basal up and marque definite that the voices of teachers and parents are heard. It’s clip to extremity the SNP’s standardised nationalist investigating and Thatcherite league tables."

A Scottish Government spokesperson backed the assessments saying it puts the nonrecreational judgements of teachers astatine the "heart of the process".

The connection read: "David Reedy's autarkic reappraisal of Scottish National Standardised Assessments (SNSAs) for P1 successful 2019 recovered that they person important imaginable and should continue.

"His proposal connected enhancing assessments and enactment materials for teachers person since been implemented. The appraisal attack successful Scotland spot teacher nonrecreational judgements astatine the bosom of the process.

"SNSAs are a adjuvant further root of accusation for teachers erstwhile considering children's advancement successful literacy and numeracy. Our survey of unit utilizing assessments successful 2021/22 showed the bulk recovered the assessments adjuvant successful informing aboriginal teaching and learning. There is nary grounds of the assessments having a antagonistic interaction connected the wellness and wellbeing of children and young people."

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