Self-watering plant pots are here to help accidental house plant killers

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Have you watched location works aft location works wither distant arsenic you committedness yourself that adjacent clip volition beryllium different?

Are you tripping implicit your postulation of dying monsteras, dried retired cacti and brownish spider plants, wondering however you’ve failed astatine being a stereotypical millennial ‘plant parent’?

Well, you’re surely not alone, accidental works murderer. 

The mean idiosyncratic has killed 7 plants they’ve brought into their location and a survey conducted by OnePoll successful conjunction with Article recovered that people’s experiences of ending plants’ lives person made them frightened to ain location plants again.

But now, acknowledgment to 1 Glasgow-based company, you could beryllium 1 measurement person to surviving retired your greenish thumbed fantasies without fearfulness of dehydrating your plants to death.

Enter POTR: a ace sustainable, self-watering works pot.

Posted flat-packed done your letterbox, the origami cookware transforms into a modern location for your favourite location works – the champion bit? It waters itself.

Simply determination h2o wrong and whenever your works is simply a small thirsty, it volition automatically commencement drinking done the fabric cord to self-hydrate, cleanable for if you’re forgetful erstwhile it comes to your flora.

As good arsenic being bully for your plants, the cookware is besides bully for the satellite arsenic it is made from recycled polypropylene and recycled fabric that would different person ended up successful landfill.

The pots are besides posted straight done your letterbox successful a 100% recycled paper envelope – with transportation wholly free.

POTR has besides conscionable released its constricted variation Ocean Pot range, made from 100% recycled sportfishing nets, aft its founders designed a unsocial greenish solution for 1 metric tonne of discarded debris reclaimed from coastlines crossed the UK and Europe. 

A percent of profits from Ocean Pots goes towards protecting our seas, with the income supporting the extremity of the Ghost Diving UK charity, which uses specialised divers to retrieve deserted instrumentality which ‘continues to fish’.

Designed successful Glasgow and built successful Bristol, the pots travel successful immoderate works size and tin beryllium bought successful bundles oregon individually, with prices ranging from £14 for idiosyncratic pots to £48 for household bundles.

Now, they’re capable to present up to 100,000 antithetic works pots a month, meaning there’s plentifulness disposable to beryllium enactment done letterboxes this Christmas.

Pots tin beryllium purchased online connected the POTR website, portion you tin find a database of stockists here.

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