Probe launched after ‘c***’ scrawled on Glasgow councillor's office

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 Thomas Kerr)</i>

Probe launched aft ‘c***’ scrawled connected Glasgow councillor's bureau (Image: Thomas Kerr)

A probe is underway aft "c***" was scrawled connected the bureau doorway of a Conservative councillor successful Glasgow’s City Chambers.

Council officials person launched an probe into the root of the abusive message, which was discovered connected councillor Thomas Kerr’s door.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said the incidental was “wholly unacceptable”. It is understood the maltreatment was written successful bluish imperishable marker.

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Kerr, 1 of 2 Conservative councillors successful the city, said helium couldn’t remark connected the lawsuit arsenic an interior probe is ongoing.

The assembly spokeswoman said: “The appalling abusive connection recovered connected councillor Kerr’s bureau doorway was wholly unacceptable and we are presently investigating however this could person happened.”

Kerr, who represents Shettleston and leads the city’s Conservative group, was archetypal elected successful 2017 and held onto his spot successful May’s elections, erstwhile his enactment mislaid six councillors.