Olivia Wilde slams claims she's abandoned her kids after moving on with Harry Styles

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Don't Worry Darling manager Olivia Wilde believes she is facing treble standards arsenic a personage mum

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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde be 'Don't Worry Darling' premiere successful September

Don't Worry Darling manager Olivia Wilde deed retired astatine claims she has abandoned her children aft moving connected with her superstar boyfriend Harry Styles.

Olivia, 39, has been dating the erstwhile One Direction singer, 28, since they met connected the acceptable of her critically-acclaimed intelligence thriller backmost successful 2020.

And portion posing for Elle's November 2022 screen story, she opened up astir being a parent successful the personage spotlight.

Mum-of-two Olivia, who shares eight-year-old lad Otis and six-year-old girl Daisy with ex Jason Sudeikis, told Elle: “I stock custody of my kids with my ex.

“If I’m photographed not with my kids, radical presume I person abandoned them, similar my kids are conscionable determination successful a blistery car without me. The proposition is that I person abandoned my relation arsenic a mother.”

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde began dating aft they met connected set (



Olivia believes it's successful information due to the fact that she is protecting them from the spotlight.

She added: “You cognize wherefore you don’t spot maine with my kids? Because I don’t fto them get photographed. Do you cognize the lengths that I spell to to support my kids from being seen by you?”

Olivia Wilde attends the Don't Worry Darling photograph telephone astatine AMC Lincoln Square Theater (


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“When radical spot maine not with my kids, it’s ever ‘How situation she."

The histrion and director, who divided from her semipermanent spouse Jason Sudeikis earlier uncovering emotion with Harry, reportedly visited a schoolhouse successful North London precocious - suggesting she wants her children Otis and Daisy to attend.

Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis and Otis Sudeikis, Daisy Sudeikis backmost successful 2018 (



Olivia's kids had been surviving with their begetter and her erstwhile fiancé, Jason, successful Los Angeles, but arsenic her romance with the Watermelon Sugar hit-maker heats up, the histrion could good beryllium readying a determination to Harry's beloved Hampstead successful North West London.

Lifting the lid connected Olivia's imaginable determination to the UK, a root told The Sun: "Harry and Olivia are wholly committed to each different and privation to walk arsenic overmuch clip unneurotic arsenic possible.

"Obviously they some pb precise engaged lives, with Harry spending immense amounts of clip connected circuit and Olivia starring a palmy vocation successful film, arsenic good arsenic often flying retired to spot him.

“But the kids are ever her archetypal priority, truthful basing them successful the UK is simply a viable enactment for their future, fixed she sees that with Harry, who wants to enactment successful London.

“She has spoken to Jason astir it due to the fact that his accidental is important excessively arsenic the kids’s dad. It sounds similar they person agreed London is the champion place. Nothing has been signed and sealed yet but they are powerfully considering the move.”

Harry and Olivia archetypal stepped retired arsenic a mates successful January 2021, erstwhile they attended a wedding unneurotic and contempt them some having engaged schedules, their romance has lone been heading successful 1 direction.

Speaking to People, an insider said: "Harry is precise smitten. Olivia has precise overmuch brought retired his romanticist side. He besides has tremendous respect for her erstwhile it comes to work.

"He would emotion to enactment with her again. They some enactment each other's careers."

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