Nicola Sturgeon: UN's trans law reform concerns will be addressed

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THE Scottish Government volition respond to concerns raised by a United Nations adept connected unit against women astir trans instrumentality reforms moving their mode done Parliament, the First Minister has said.

Nicola Sturgeon’s authorities is presently successful the process of making changes to the process by which transgender radical tin alteration their legally-recognised enactment connected authoritative documents – which the UN peculiar rapporteur connected unit against pistillate Reem Alsalem has said bash not decently see imaginable unintended consequences.

In a missive the UK Foreign Secretary, Alsalem said the Scottish Government’s plans could “potentially unfastened the doorway for convulsive males who place arsenic men to maltreatment the process of acquiring a sex certificate and the rights that are associated with it”.

This, she added, could hazard the information of not lone cisgendered women but “trans women, and sex non-conforming women”.

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Raising the substance successful Holyrood day connected Thursday, Tory MSP Pam Gosal urged the Scottish Government to enactment the plans connected hold.

Sturgeon said Social Justice Secretary Shona Robison would respond to the UN adept soon.

Gosal said: “The United Nations assertion that this measure could let convulsive males entree to women-only spaces, posing a hazard to the information for some women and trans women. The adept appealed to the Scottish Government to acceptable speech much clip to see the bill’s imaginable unintended consequences. Can I inquire the First Minister; does she hold with this United Nations adept that this measure should beryllium postponed, truthful that these morganatic concerns astir the women’s information tin beryllium addressed.”

The First Minister suggested that the concerns could “further stigmatise the trans community”, arguing it was “violent men” who were liable for the immense bulk of unit against women.

She said: “I judge that those who are liable for convulsive attacks connected women are those who perpetrate those attacks and wherever that is arsenic is very, precise often the case, convulsive men, it is convulsive men that we should beryllium focusing on.

“They proceed to airs the biggest hazard to women and I don’t judge we should further stigmatise the trans assemblage due to the fact that of the actions of convulsive men.

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“Violent men who close present privation to entree women-only spaces bash not request a sex designation certificate to bash that, truthful let’s absorption connected the occupation and the occupation is convulsive men, that is the 1 that we should absorption on.

“In presumption of the comments from the idiosyncratic from the UN, of people we volition respond successful afloat to that. I’m not definite the comments were rather arsenic they were characterised successful the question but the Social Justice Secretary volition respond successful item connected the issues raised.

“Many of these issues person been discussed and addressed already by Parliament during stages 1 and 2 of the measure and of people Parliament volition person the accidental to sermon the measure again astatine signifier 3 of the legislative process shortly.”

The measure is expected to walk into instrumentality shortly, with a pro-reform bulk locked successful astatine Holyrood, contempt a fig of SNP MSPs rebelling connected the legislation, with the greenish airy from enactment precocious command.

Among them was Ash Regan, the erstwhile assemblage information minister, who dramatically discontinue authorities truthful she could ballot against the Government – 1 of fewer daze resignations from the SNP’s authorities successful its agelong clip successful powerfulness successful Edinburgh.