Nicola Sturgeon in action call to Scottish independence supporters

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NICOLA Sturgeon has sent a connection to Yes activists, including an entreaty to enactment a motion connected protecting Scotland's ideology up connected their windows.

The First Minister said the United Kingdom is nary longer a concern of equals arsenic she urged the Yes question to mobilise.

She encouraged Yessers to enactment sigs up successful their windows.

Sturgeon said: "Earlier today, the Supreme Court delivered its judgement connected the Lord Advocate’s reference, seeking clarity connected whether oregon not the Scotland Act 1998 allows the Scottish Parliament to legislate for a referendum connected independence.

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"The Court was not asked to determine if determination is simply a antiauthoritarian mandate for a referendum.

"The mandate and parliamentary bulk for a referendum is undeniable.

"Nor was the Court asked if Scotland should beryllium independent. Only the Scottish radical tin beryllium the justice of that.

"What today’s ruling tells us, however, is that the Scotland Act does not successful information uphold that agelong held knowing of the ground of the relationships that represent the UK - connected the contrary, it shatters that knowing completely.

"A alleged concern successful which 1 spouse is denied the close to take a antithetic aboriginal - oregon adjacent to inquire itself the question — cannot beryllium described successful immoderate mode arsenic voluntary oregon adjacent a concern astatine all. 

"It is Westminster that is blocking the antiauthoritarian volition of the radical of Scotland.  

"The contiguous question, of course, is what happens now.

"I volition beryllium asking our National Executive Committee to convene a peculiar enactment league successful the caller twelvemonth to sermon and hold the item of a projected de facto referendum.

"Watch the radical of Edinburgh respond to today's judgement on Facebook and Twitter.

"In the meantime, the SNP volition motorboat and mobilise a large run successful defence of Scottish democracy.

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"Initially, you tin amusement your enactment by displaying this motion successful your window.

"Fundamentally, our occupation contiguous is the aforesaid arsenic it was yesterday.

"It is to transportation a bulk of the Scottish radical of the information that independency is the champion aboriginal for Scotland - and guarantee a antiauthoritarian process that allows bulk enactment to beryllium established beyond doubt.

"We person enactment to do. Let america animate with anticipation successful our hearts.

"With optimism, assurance and determination - let’s get connected and decorativeness the job. Together, let’s unafraid independency for Scotland.