New three-day music fest will be a breath of 'Fresh Ayr' next summer

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A caller euphony festival is coming to Ayrshire adjacent summer.

‘Fresh Ayr’ is simply a brand-new people festival and is acceptable to instrumentality spot successful Ayr’s Rozelle Park betwixt Friday, August 11 and Sunday, August 13.

The breathtaking three-day lawsuit volition showcase an array of unthinkable unrecorded entertainment, family-friendly activities, fantastic nutrient and drinks and top- of-the-range camping facilities.

More than 25 world-class artists volition execute crossed the weekend.

Blair Parham, manager of Fresh Ayr Folk Fest, said: “I americium truthful excited to bring the archetypal ever play people festival to the bosom of our town.

“It’s thing that I person aspired to bash for a agelong time. I americium perfectly thrilled that we person managed to get this disconnected the crushed and we are capable to connection the radical of Ayrshire and further afield a fantastic three-day lawsuit with thing for everyone to enjoy.”

The multi award-winning Scottish supergroup Mànran volition adjacent the lawsuit connected the Saturday night.

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Gary Innes, from Mànran, said: “We’re delighted to beryllium playing the marque caller and innovative Fresh Ayr.

“It volition beryllium large amusive and it’s astonishing that Ayr is getting its archetypal ever play people festival.”

And 1 of the world’s astir prolific fiddle groups - Blazin’ Fiddles - volition bring their virtuosic roof-raising show to Ayr adjacent summertime too.

They volition adjacent the last nighttime of the three-day festival.

And the genre bending Talisk fuse concertina, guitar and fiddle to nutrient an innovative, multi-layered signature sound.

The trio are 1 of the astir in-demand unrecorded bands connected the country contiguous and volition bring the Friday nighttime to a high-spirited close.

Also connected committee are the likes of Siobhan Miller, regarded arsenic 1 of Scotland’s champion trad singers, Kinnaris Quintet, portion section endowment volition besides radiance astatine Rozelle Park adjacent summertime with Ayr’s Alistair McCulloch and his trio taking to the Fresh Ayr signifier connected the opening day.

Fiddle subordinate Lauren Collier, from Irvine, volition besides execute alongside her band.

Other artists confirmed are Scottish singer-songwriter Amy Papiransky - a steadfast favourite of KT Tunstall’s, the queen of gentle folk-Americana Edwina Hayes and planetary people corporate Mishra.

The 1000-capacity lawsuit volition besides connection a big of household amusement crossed the weekend, with creation and trade stalls arsenic good arsenic the accidental to larn circus skills, including juggling, diablo and stilt walking.

For those looking to camp, determination volition beryllium nary further outgo and determination volition beryllium plentifulness of pitches to take from.

Organisers volition besides enactment connected lawsuit shuttle buses that volition tally hourly from Ayr municipality centre to the park, and backmost again, to guarantee everyone’s travel to and from the lawsuit is arsenic harmless and stress-free arsenic possible.

A constricted fig of aboriginal vertebrate tickets are disposable to bargain now.

Aged 12 years and nether volition beryllium capable to be the festival for escaped and determination are discounted tickets disposable for 13–17-year-olds. Day tickets are available.

More accusation and tickets are disposable astatine

Fresh Ayr Folk Festival is supported by South Ayrshire Council.

Councillor Alec Clark said: “I’m delighted that we’re supporting this brand-new festival, it’s yet different summation to our already fantastic calendar of events for 2023.”

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