Most and least likely counties in Ireland to have people sent to jail as number hits lowest level in 15 years

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People surviving successful Longford were astir apt to beryllium sent to jailhouse past year, portion residents of Donegal were slightest apt to look clip down bars.

Figures based connected the location addresses provided by individuals handed down situation sentences by the courts successful 2021 amusement a committal complaint of 16.1 per 10,000 for radical surviving successful Longford.

It represents a committal complaint of astir doubly the nationalist mean with implicit 9 retired of each 10,000 individuals surviving successful the Republic being fixed a situation condemnation past year.

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Other counties wherever locals had above-average rates of being sent to situation successful 2021 were Limerick (14.6 per 10,000 population) and Dublin (12.9).

However, the immense bulk of counties person below-average levels of incarceration with Donegal signaling the lowest complaint astatine conscionable 3.4 per 10,000.

The figures published by the Irish Prison Service besides uncover that the fig of radical sent to situation reached its lowest level successful 15 years successful 2021.

They amusement the full fig of committals to the country’s 12 jails past twelvemonth dropped by 1.6%.

A full of 5,179 convicted criminals were incarcerated during 2021 – a simplification of 84 cases connected the erstwhile twelvemonth and down from a highest of astir 14,200 successful 2015.

It is the lowest yearly fig for committals since 2007.

The IPS figures besides amusement that 70% of radical sent to situation past twelvemonth were fixed sentences of 12 months oregon less.

People jailed for theft offences represented the biggest proportionality of individuals jailed successful 2021, accounting for 16% of each caller prisoners.

However, astir three-quarters of inmates jailed for theft received presumption of imprisonment of 12 months oregon less.

A full of 189 individuals were sent to jailhouse successful 2021 aft being convicted of intersexual offences with 28% of those receiving situation presumption successful excess of 5 years.

Fourteen enactment offenders – 7% of specified prisoners – were fixed situation sentences of 10 years oregon more.

The IPS figures amusement 38 radical were jailed for homicide offences past twelvemonth with fractional of the full receiving a mandatory beingness condemnation for murder.

A full of 30 prisoners committed for offences relating to assault, attempted execution and threats past twelvemonth were handed down sentences of implicit 5 years.

Official figures amusement 4,070 prisoners were Irish nationals, representing astir 79% of caller committals during 2021 with citizens of different EU subordinate states and Britain accounting for different 15%.

A full of 339 stateless radical classified arsenic having “no fixed abode” were jailed past year, portion 59 radical usually nonmigratory extracurricular Ireland were sent to prison.

For the archetypal clip since 2008, little than 1 successful 10 individuals sent to situation past twelvemonth were females.

A full of 378 women were committed successful 2021, representing 9.5% of each prisoners.

In contrast, much than 1 successful 5 of each prisoners incarcerated during 2015 were females erstwhile astir 3,000 women were jailed.

The figures besides amusement that women are much apt to person shorter sentences with 85% of pistillate prisoners sentenced to 12 months oregon little past twelvemonth compared to 69% of males.


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