Meghan Markle news – King Charles’ ‘public olive branches’ are an attempt at ‘reconciliation from a devastated’ dad

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  • Updated: 16:08, 14 Oct 2022

KING Charles is "devastated" by his narration with Prince Harry and has made respective nationalist attempts astatine "reconciliation", an adept says.

Royal writer Katie Nicholl, writer of The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth's Legacy and the Future of the Crown, told Fox News Digital that King Charles is "hopeful" aft his "very nationalist olive branches".

She said: "He is hopeful that determination volition beryllium a reconciliation. I deliberation we saw that successful the precise nationalist olive branches that were extended to Harry and Meghan."

Ms Nicholls added: "Charles perfectly has been devastated by what has happened.

"If you deliberation backmost conscionable a mates of years astir the clip of the wedding, the narration betwixt Harry and his begetter was, I think, astir apt amended than it ever had been."

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  • First look astatine Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip successful The Crown bid 5

    The latest incarnations of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip successful the caller bid of The Crown person been unveiled.

    Imelda Staunton stars arsenic the Queen and Jonathan Pryce volition instrumentality connected the relation of her beloved hubby Philip.

    Head present to see much of the brace successful action.

  • Could you enactment for King Charles?

    King Charles is looking for a chopper aviator to alert himself and elder royals to their galore varied engagements.

    Taking power of 2 Sikorsky S76 C++ choppers, the palmy applicant volition aviator and program trips for The Firm.

    See the afloat communicative (and cheque retired if you are up to the task) here.

  • Meghan 'always wanted to discontinue the Royal Family'

    Meghan Markle "always wanted to discontinue the Royal Family" agelong earlier Megxit, leaving unit feeling "played", a erstwhile adjutant has said.

    A caller publication airs a fig of claims from Palace insiders and former aides, covering the tumultuous play that led Harry and Meghan to sensationally ditch the UK and determination to the United States successful 2020.

    Speaking connected Palace Confidential, writer Valentine Low spoke astir Meghan Markle and her narration with Royal aides - and however they felt the Duchess had a concealed "agenda".

    The writer of Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown told Jo Elvin: “[Royal staff] would accidental we were played. They felt that [Meghan] ever had an docket to get out. Even earlier [their announcement].

    “They had been devoted, they had truly tried hard to marque it work. But they had a unsmooth time, they felt treated badly.”

  • Royal writer Tina Brown says Prince Harry & Meghan Markle ‘in a truly pugnacious spot’

    Former Vanity Fair exertion and royal writer Tina Brown said contempt Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's departure being perchance justified, the mode they handled it mightiness person been better.

    During a lecture astatine City, University of London, Brown said: "I deliberation they are successful a truly pugnacious spot now, actually,"

    "I consciousness for Harry, due to the fact that he's made a mistake successful the mode helium did his exit. I don't deliberation it was incorrect necessarily, the determination to leave, and surely it wasn't incorrect to wed the pistillate helium was successful emotion with.

    "It's conscionable the mode they handled it that was truthful unfortunate."

  • Royals tackled a taxable considered 'taboo'

    Russell Myers addressed however Prince William and Kate Middleton took connected the statement astir intelligence wellness contempt the taxable being considered a "taboo".

    Speaking connected True Royalty's The Royal Beat, Mr Myers said: "I was reminded erstwhile they did the archetypal ever heads unneurotic - and I was looking into this this week - they said that nary celebrities wanted to beryllium progressive astatine the time.

    "I can't retrieve however galore years agone it was, but cipher wanted. They each thought it was a spot taboo, it wasn't going to bash good for their careers."

  • Royal unit felt ‘played’ by Meghan Markle, claims Valentine Low

    When speaking connected Mail Plus’ Palace Confidential, Valentine Low spoke astir Meghan Markle and her ties to the Royal Family.

    The writer of Courtiers said that the Royal unit were precise disappointed by her decision.

    He said: “[Royal staff] would accidental we were played. They felt that [Meghan] ever had an docket to get out. Even earlier [their announcement].

    “They had been devoted, they had truly tried hard to marque it work. But they had a unsmooth time, they felt treated badly.”

  • Harry ‘feared helium would go irrelevant’

    In his new book, Courtiers: the Hidden Power Behind the Crown, Valentine Low says the Duke of Sussex possessed a “long-held fear” that helium would 1 time “become irrelevant”.

    It was claimed helium compared himself to Prince Andrew who is near successful his 60s without immoderate occupation oregon “direction”.

    The publication states: “He had this happening that helium had a support life. He was fixated [on] this. He would comparison himself with his uncle [Prince Andrew].

    “He would say, ‘I person this clip to marque this impact. Because I can.’ Until George turns 18, was the mode helium was reasoning astir it. ‘Then I volition beryllium the also-ran.’

    “He was genuinely reasoning of it as, ‘I person this level now, for a constricted magnitude of time. I privation to determination forward, determination forward.’”

  • Prince Andrew harmless successful Windsor Home arsenic mum, the Queen, ‘made plans for him’

    Russell Myers, Daily Mirror royal editor, said arguable fig Prince Andrew volition not beryllium kicked retired of mansion.

    Speaking connected the Royal Beat podcast, Myers explained Andrew and ex-wife Sarah Ferguson won’t beryllium forced retired of Royal Lodge successful Windsor as: “There's been a batch of treatment astir wherever Andrew's wealth volition travel from, however helium volition concern his lifestyle, but the Queen volition person looked aft him."

    Following the Queen Mother’s death, Prince Andrew leased Royal Lodge, wherever his grandma lived for fractional a century, which includes 40 hectares of land, constabulary information accommodation, and a full big of cottages, arsenic good arsenic the main house.

  • Prince Harry has ‘deep insecurity astir irrelevance’ according to royal expert

    In caller publication Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, writer Valentine Low quotes a root who claims Prince Harry said “I person this clip to marque this impact. Because I can.”

    On what happens aft Prince George turns 18, the aforesaid root quoted Harry arsenic remarking: “Then I volition beryllium the also-ran.”

    Brand adept Eric Schiffer told the Daily Star: "I deliberation Harry has a deep-seated insecurity astir irrelevance.

    "That's understandable fixed that he's 2nd successful line, and helium understands however the strategy works and wherever the spotlight is going to spell - which volition beryllium focused connected his brother.

    "At the aforesaid time, what Harry has done is antithetic than astir and has besides created a batch of combustion among the family."

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  • When volition Prince Harry’s memoirs beryllium released?

    Prince Harry announced successful July 2021 that helium was penning his memoirs.

    The publication was acceptable to travel retired soon — Autumn 2022 — but speculation has been gathering that it could beryllium postponed until 2023.

  • Expert sentiment connected Prince Harry’s forthcoming publication suggests helium won’t clasp back

    Tina Brown, erstwhile exertion of Vanity Fair, said successful an interrogation with OK! Magazine Prince Harry “won’t spell after Kate, who he’s precise fond of. But helium volition spell aft Charles and Camilla and maybe William.”

    She added: “William has accepted Camilla successful presumption of what she means to his father. He’s been grown up astir it. Harry, connected the different hand, can’t basal Camilla.”

    And Russell Myers, royal exertion of the Daily Mirror, backed this presumption up successful an interrogation connected Australian Today show: “According to those adjacent to Harry, helium volition laic bare the information of his narration with Camilla.”

    He went connected to say: “My conjecture is it astir apt won’t beryllium each rosy due to the fact that they’ve notoriously had a frosty narration done the years … And past you know, Harry is precise fiercely protective of his ain mother’s legacy.”

    And Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s erstwhile butler, said to Closer Magazine helium believes the prince volition “no uncertainty spell in-depth astir his feelings aft his mother’s death, and the consequent events. After the reports [Camilla] was progressive successful his parents’ matrimony and past stepped into Diana’s shoes arsenic Charles’ wife, I fishy Camilla volition beryllium successful his sights.”

  • Speculation mounts astir Prince Harry’s memoirs

    Since Prince Harry revealed he'd constitute a “first-hand relationship of my beingness that’s close and wholly truthful,” fans of the royals person been guessing what that mightiness mean.

    Many understood this to mean the prince would beryllium captious of elder royals, peculiarly Queen Consort Camilla.

    Royal biographer, Omid Scobie, claimed the publication volition not beryllium devoted to Harry ridiculing the royals.

    “I deliberation arsenic overmuch arsenic the property wants this to beryllium a pain publication and an onslaught connected the institution, this is much conscionable astir his story,” Scobie explained during successful the Royally Obsessed podcast.

    “I deliberation for radical expecting that warts-and-all moment, it’s not going to happen.”

  • Could 539-year-old royal execution enigma yet beryllium unravelled?

    Edward V, rightful heir to the throne, and small member Richard were, according to legend, locked successful the Tower of London, ne'er to beryllium seen live again.

    This was reputedly the enactment of their uncle, the Duke of Gloucester, who took the crown arsenic Richard III.

    Four bodies person been recovered and historians privation to bash DNA tests to cheque if they are long-lost brothers.

    Although the Queen ne'er granted it, King Charles, who studied archaeology astatine Cambridge, is said to beryllium "supportive".

    The communicative was made celebrated by William Shakespeare’s play Richard III.

  • King Charles congratulates formed of Emmerdale connected 50th year

    The King has praised the value of the countryside arsenic helium sent a peculiar connection to the Emmerdale formed and unit for their 50th day astatine the National Television Awards.

    Host Joel Dommett amazed the soap formed with the pre-recorded code during the yearly ceremonial connected Thursday, which was held astatine the OVO Wembley Arena successful London and aired unrecorded connected ITV.

    Charles said helium was “delighted” to beryllium celebrating the milestone, noting that helium is aged capable to retrieve erstwhile the amusement was called Emmerdale Farm.

    He added: “It is simply a testament to each the hard enactment of its accumulation squad that it has since go specified an important British instauration and a large British export with hundreds of thousands of fans from Scandinavia to New Zealand, each keen to travel the fortunes of what is near of the Sugdens and their caller neighbours.

    “What makes Emmerdale truthful peculiar is that it has kept existent to the imaginativeness of its archetypal writer, Kevin Laffan, who wanted to show that farming is not conscionable a occupation – it’s a full mode of life.

    “On a regular basis, Emmerdale continues to picture what beingness is truly similar for those who enactment the onshore and support our precious countryside. It besides stresses brilliantly thing that concerns maine greatly: the semipermanent sustainability of the mode we nutrient our food.

    “I’m besides heartened by the accumulation team’s efforts disconnected screen. Their ambition to execute net-zero emissions by 2030 has already made Emmerdale 1 of the archetypal British programmes to beryllium awarded Albert certification, recognising its efforts to trim the biology interaction of its accumulation process and to make contented that stresses the value of establishing a sustainable future.

    “So it is lone close that the National Television Awards admit the tremendous publication Emmerdale has made and I anticipation those watching volition articulation maine successful sending a warmest congratulations connected its 50th anniversary. And wishing it an arsenic palmy future.”

  • Sophie says Queen was 'so happy' astatine Malawi's elimination of trachoma oculus disease

    The Countess of Wessex has told however her "dear mother-in-law" the precocious Queen was "so happy" for the radical of Malawi astatine the country's elimination of the oculus illness trachoma.

    Sophie, successful a code successful Malawi to people World Sight Day, said the Queen knew the summertime earlier she died that the countess would beryllium returning to the confederate African federation soon to observe its occurrence successful battling the condition, which tin origin blindness.

    The countess, planetary ambassador for the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), said: "We beryllium a dept of acknowledgment to Her precocious Majesty for this unthinkable bequest and we accidental 'zikomo' (thank you)."

    The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Fund focused - connected the acquisition of the Queen - connected offering fiscal enactment to assistance combat avoidable blindness crossed the Commonwealth including successful Malawi.

    Sophie, who is connected an authoritative sojourn to a big of African nations, travelled to Malawi 5 years agone arsenic vice patron of the Trust, and said the Queen had been "so moved" to perceive of the enactment being carried out.

    The Queen died connected September 8, having spent the summertime connected her beloved Balmoral property being visited by her family.

  • Prince William & Princess Kate not had ‘settling-in play they had hoped for’

    The prince, princess and their 3 children person faced galore changes of late.

    They relocated from Kensington Palace to Adelaide Cottage successful Windsor Park.

    Also the children started astatine caller schoolhouse Lambrook connected the precise time their grandma passed away.

    Royal adept Katie Nicholl said the prince and princess’ absorption has been centred connected projecting an aerial of unity and stability, starting with their archetypal authoritative portrait.

    “That was a precise important representation of what the modern monarchy and reign of King Charles volition look like,” said Nicholl. “They correspond the aboriginal House of Windsor.”

    According to Joe Little of Majesty magazine, the precocious Queen Elizabeth “would expect them to transportation connected with a stiff precocious articulator and bash truthful with grace.”

    Credit: EPA
  • The Coronation falling connected Archie’s day ‘is decidedly not a snub’

    Royal biographer Katie Nicholl spoke with Entertainment Tonight astir the King’s Coronation day and however it falls connected Archie’s birthday.

    The writer of The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown thinks that this was conscionable “a blessed coincidence.”

    Nicholl said: “Having the coronation connected Archie’s day is decidedly not a snub.

    “Obviously, a immense magnitude of readying has to spell into an important infinitesimal successful history, specified arsenic a coronation, and the royal calendar is afloat of anniversaries and birthdays.

    “So I deliberation this is perfectly 1 of those occasions wherever it’s a coincidence and hopefully a blessed coincidence.”

  • Megyn Kelly hits astatine Meghan Markle

    Megyn Kelly was speaking yesterday to Paul Murray astatine Sky News Australia and she seemed rather unhappy with Meghan Markle.

    Kelly said: “People are starting to spot done these actresses.

    “Meghan Markle is an histrion who’s close present acting the portion of a princess who acted the portion of a philanthropist successful bid to onshore a prince and now, perpetually acting the victim.

    “People, dilatory but surely – origin they ever get it successful the extremity – are nary longer buying it.”

  • When volition arguable Crown bid 5 drop?

    Although tackling subjects the Royals whitethorn similar near good alone, speculation is rife astir the forthcoming bid of Netflix’s The Crown.

    Series 5 is rumoured to beryllium concentrating on Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage.

    The caller bid volition go disposable from 8am connected 9 November 2022.

    Series six volition beryllium the past successful the franchise.

  • Archie to observe day erstwhile King & Queen crowned

    Archie Harrison Mountbatton-Windsor is turning 4 connected the time King Charles and Queen Camilla are crowned.

    Archie is the eldest of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 2 children.

    Lilibet, his younger sister, is 1 twelvemonth old, and volition beryllium 2 when King Charles ascends to the throne connected Saturday 6 May 2023.

  • Charles keeps Harry & Meghan tribute adjacent by contempt alleged rift

    Fans of the Royal Family clocked a representation of Harry & Meghan's wedding time taking pridefulness of spot successful the inheritance during the Monarch’s gathering with the PM.

    Along with the prince and Meg, who are seemingly beaming with joy, the representation of the joyful juncture showed a royal household united.

    The heart-warming representation includes King Charles, Queen Consort Camilla, the Queen, Prince Philip, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and each the leafage boys and bridesmaids.

    Read the afloat story here.

  • Meghan says Harry helped her astatine 'her lowest point'

    Meghan Markle has revealed however her hubby Prince Harry helped her done her darkest hours successful her caller podcast.

    On her latest Archetypes podcast instalment, the duchess talked to Constance Wu, Jenny Slate and Deepika Padukone, astir her struggles with intelligence wellness and however she felt she had no-one to speech done her issues with.

    Meg said: “I mean, I deliberation astatine my worst point, being yet connected to idiosyncratic that, you know, my husband had recovered a referral for maine to call.

    "And I called this woman, she didn’t adjacent cognize I was calling her," she recalled.

    But the duchess added the pistillate had been checking retired astatine the market store erstwhile she answered the duchess’s call.

    “I could perceive the small beep, beep," she continued.

  • The Crown bid 5 couldn't person travel 'at a much delicate time'

    Critics of Netflix's The Crown accidental the caller series' taxable substance couldn't person travel astatine a much fragile clip for the royal family.

    The latest bid is said to ore connected the matrimony betwixt Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and "all its small achy details".

    A TV insider said: “This couldn’t person travel astatine a much delicate clip for the new King and his Queen Consort, peculiarly arsenic they’re riding precocious successful the minds of the public."

    "There’s a consciousness that Netflix are muckraking implicit events that took spot 30 to 40 years ago, but are inactive earthy for those involved.

    “The worst constituent for the royals is that millions of radical astir the satellite volition presumption this bid and presumption it little arsenic a play and much arsenic a documentary.

    “And attraction connected the Windsors couldn’t beryllium higher arsenic it’s been conscionable a fewer weeks since Queen Elizabeth II’s ceremonial and is successful the run-up to the King’s coronation.”

    Read much on The Crown's delicate taxable matter here.

  • The Crown to tackle Charles and Diana's marriage

    Controversial Netflix series The Crown is acceptable to instrumentality connected a achy retelling of Charles' matrimony to Diana - and it's acceptable to origin a tempest among royal fans everywhere.

    The deed amusement volition analyse the aboriginal 1990s and the breakdown of the Prince and Princess of Wales' relationship.

    Critics accidental the bid volition represent the then Prince of Wales as petty, acold and deceitful.

  • Will we get a Bank Holiday during King Charles' Coronation?

    With King Charles' Coronation planned for outpouring adjacent year, galore Brits are calling for a Bank Holiday to people the occasion.

    The historical day has been scheduled for Saturday, May 6, and was announced by Buckingham Palace.

    It would mean a Bank Holiday would commencement connected the time of the King and Queen's crowning on Saturday, May 6 and tally until Monday, May 8.

    Former Tory Cabinet Minister David Jones said: "To combine the 2 events would beryllium welcomed by the full nation.

    "It would marque a precise peculiar representation for each of us."