Man admits killing his mother by inflicting five fatal blows to her head with a hatchet as she lay in her bed

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A 29-year-old antheral admits sidesplitting his parent "without immoderate lawful justification" by inflicting 5 fatal blows to her caput with a hatchet arsenic she laic successful her bed, a execution proceedings assemblage has heard.

t was during the opening of the proceedings of Patrick Dunne astatine the Central Criminal Court contiguous that a prosecuting barrister said that adept psychiatrists for some the prosecution and defence are successful statement that the accused was insane "as defined by law" astatine the clip of his mother's death.

Patrick Gageby SC, defending Mr Dunne, made a fig of admissions of information to the tribunal contiguous connected behalf of his client.

These included that the accused killed his parent Susan Dunne and had done truthful "without immoderate lawful justification".

Mr Dunne, from Ballingeragh, Lixnaw, Co Kerry, has gone connected proceedings astatine the Central Criminal Court today, having pleaded not guilty to murdering his parent Susan Dunne (62) betwixt November 26 and 27, 2013, at the aforesaid address.

Opening the lawsuit for the prosecution today, Dominic McGinn SC said that this was "quite an antithetic trial" arsenic a batch of it volition impact statements being work to the jury.

Outlining the facts of the case, Mr McGinn said Ms Dunne's assemblage was recovered successful her chamber betwixt 11am and 11.30am connected the greeting of November 27.

Ms Dunne, who was already dormant by the clip she was found, had sustained astatine slightest 5 blows to her head, helium said.

Counsel told the assemblage that Ms Dunne's son, Patrick, was 19 years aged astatine the clip and had been diagnosed with autism astatine a comparatively young age.

The accused required further attraction "on apical of the accustomed parenting requirements", helium added.

The prosecution barrister went connected to archer the tribunal that the Lixnaw and Listowel communities were utilized to the show of Ms Dunne driving astir successful her car with her lad Patrick successful the backmost seat.

Detailing the grounds that volition beryllium heard, Mr McGinn said 1 of the regular things that Ms Dunne did was to cod her son's disablement allowance from the station office.

"She looked aft his societal payment card. Patrick would retreat the wealth and past Susan would springiness him €5 for himself," helium explained.

What raised interest connected November 27, the lawyer said, was that Patrick arrived unsocial astatine the station office, withdrew the wealth himself and was seen to beryllium driving astir unaccompanied successful his mother's car.

"Because of that, assorted neighbours were alerted and they went astir to the Dunne house," helium said.

There volition beryllium evidence, Mr McGinn said, that neighbours recovered the beforehand doorway of the Dunne location unlocked but 1 of the interior doors was locked.

The barrister further stated that 1 of the neighbours had opened a model and looked inside.

The neighbour made a determination to unit unfastened the chamber door, wherever helium recovered Ms Dunne's body.

The neighbour called the exigency services instantly and erstwhile the ambulance unit arrived, they recovered Ms Dunne without a pulse and acold to touch.

Ms Dunne was formally pronounced dormant astatine 11.51am that morning.

Outlining the circumstances of the deceased’s death, Mr McGinn said that authorities pathologist Dr Margaret Bolster conducted a afloat postmortem and confirmed that Ms Dunne had sustained six wounds to her head, 5 of them were a important size and situated down her close ear.

Dr Bolster recovered aggregate fractures and fatal trauma to the deceased's encephalon underneath the wounds.

"She certified that encephalon trauma was the origin of decease and that the wounds were accordant erstwhile Ms Dunne was lying successful furniture successful the presumption that she was found," helium continued.

Mr McGinn said the grounds volition beryllium that a hatchet utilized for chopping wood was recovered successful the kitchen.

Dr Bolster recovered the wounds to Ms Dunne were accordant with having been inflicted by the hatchet.

Counsel besides indicated to the assemblage that gardaí found the hatchet adjacent to the fridge successful the kitchen, that the leaf was cleanable but determination was immoderate blood-staining connected the rear of it, which matched the accused's DNA profile.

A DNA profiling was besides conducted connected the grip of the hatchet and the large illustration matched the accused's DNA, helium said.

The tribunal heard further grounds volition be gardaí interviewed witnesses implicit the adjacent fewer days, who had encountered Patrick that morning, to ascertain a signifier of what took place.

Mr McGinn said a antheral had encountered Mr Dunne astatine 9.30am that time erstwhile the accused arrived astatine his location and began asking for his sister.

The man's sister had worked astatine the accused's erstwhile schoolhouse and Mr Dunne had developed "an attachment" to her, helium said.

The barrister said Mr Dunne was besides seen driving unsocial successful his mother's car that greeting by a section woman.

The accused had been successful the station bureau astatine 10.30am that greeting wherever helium withdrew his disablement allowance, said Mr McGinn.

Staff realised determination was thing antithetic and contacted the family's neighbours, helium added.

There volition besides beryllium evidence, counsel said, that the accused spoke to a antheral who worked successful a store successful the municipality centre and had fto Mr Dunne get his mobile phone.

The accused past contacted a pistillate helium had met done his erstwhile schoolhouse to effort to put a gathering with her successful Listowel that morning.

"She said she wasn't disposable until aboriginal that time but Patrick went to the Listowel Arms Hotel that greeting and said helium was determination to conscionable a friend," helium said.

The accused, counsel said, was aboriginal seen connected the thoroughfare astatine 11am and told different antheral that helium was successful municipality with his parent who was shopping.

At 11.30am, the lawyer said, Mr Dunne went to Listowel Community College, wherever helium was attending erstwhile a week, had a cupful of beverage and spoke to members of staff.

By this stage, counsel said that Ms Dunne's assemblage had been recovered and gardaí were alerted.

Evidence volition besides beryllium heard that Garda Declan McDonagh noticed Ms Dunne's car parked connected Market Street successful Listowel and went implicit to it.

The garda said helium told Patrick Dunne that his parent had been recovered dormant erstwhile helium saw the accused attack the car.

The garda besides suggested to Mr Dunne that helium travel him to Listowel garda presumption arsenic helium was astir apt the past idiosyncratic to person seen her.

Gda McDonagh arrested Patrick Dunne aft being notified that the accused had been identified arsenic a ceremonial fishy successful the case.

The tribunal volition besides perceive evidence, the lawyer said, that the accused's cardinal idiosyncratic told gardaí that Mr Dunne suffered from autism and immoderate different issues.

He was examined by a section GP and a advisor psychiatrist, who some said the accused was acceptable to beryllium questioned.

Mr Dunne sat done a bid of interviews and the assemblage volition perceive the details of the relationship the accused gave successful owed course, helium said.

"He did judge that helium had struck his parent with a hatchet, that helium had near the hatchet successful the room and helium explained the reasoning down that," said Mr McGinn.

The tribunal volition besides hear, the barrister indicated, what had happened to marque Mr Dunne onslaught his parent and the assorted events unfolding earlier and aft the assault.

The accused was released from garda detention and past formally charged with the offence of execution successful November 2013.

The barrister said determination had been a hold since 2013 arsenic the accused was assessed by a psychiatrist and it was determined that helium was not acceptable to basal trial.

Counsel added: "He didn't person capable capableness to recognize what was going connected and was remanded for attraction to a psychiatric facility. That has been the presumption successful the interim since 2013 and successful much caller times helium has been deemed acceptable to basal trial."

Ms Dunne had sustained six blows to her caput with the hatchet and 5 of them were fatal, said Mr McGinn, adding that the earthy and probable consequences of inflicting this is that astatine the precise slightest a idiosyncratic would endure superior harm oregon would astir apt die.

The lawyer told the jurors that this was an "unusual case" arsenic a peculiar defence was disposable which allowed them to instrumentality a verdict of not blameworthy by crushed of insanity based connected an appraisal by the nonrecreational psychiatrists successful the case.

In summary, Mr McGinn told the assemblage that they volition perceive grounds from 2 psychiatrists, who some hold that the accused was insane arsenic defined by instrumentality astatine the clip of his mother's death. He said it was for the jurors to find whether "the psychiatrists’ determination" tin beryllium accepted and that the important grounds successful the lawsuit would travel from the psychiatrists.

Mr Gageby told the tribunal it was accepted that matters had been decently investigated by the authorities and said the "sole issue" successful the lawsuit was whether the accused was not blameworthy by crushed of insanity.

The proceedings resumes this day earlier Ms Justice Mary Ellen Ring and a assemblage of 5 men and 7 women. It is expected to past 3 days.