League of Legends end of season rewards announced — All season rewards for 2022

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LEAGUE of Legends’ latest play is coming to an end, and each the season’s rewards person present been revealed to players.

Despite the announcement of the latest rewards, determination is inactive a period near for players to gain them.

League of Legends 2022 Season is coming to a close.


League of Legends 2022 Season is coming to a close.Credit: Riot Games

The 2022 play officially ends connected November 14, meaning determination is inactive immoderate clip to scope the adjacent tier of rewards.

Rewards won’t beryllium distributed until 4 weeks aft the play ends, successful the 12.22 and 12.23 patches.

Here’s everything you request to cognize astir League of Legends end-of-season 2022 rewards:

League of Legends play 2022 ranked rewards

If you spot Gold oregon higher this play for either Solo/Duo oregon Ranked Flex, past you’ll person a Victorious Sejuani skin. 

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Each tier supra Gold volition person a antithetic peculiar chroma for the skin, depending connected the tier you placed in.

Everyone who finishes successful Ranked placements successful either queue — oregon some — volition person an Eternals Sejuani Series 1 Permanent illustration icon from your highest rank.

You volition besides person a Ranked illustration banner trim.

League of Legends play 2022 clash rewards

The play for clash volition besides extremity connected November 14, bringing with it clash-specific rewards.

Rewards are based connected the fig of Victory Points you earned implicit the people of the season.

However, everyone volition person a Clash Contender Icon nary substance however galore points you earned.

Here are the rewards by your fig of VP:

  • 100 -  Contender Summoner Icon
  • 400 -  Contender Clash Logo
  • 1000 - Contender Clash Banner
  • 2000 - Conqueror Summoner Icon
  • 3000 - Conqueror Clash Logo
  • 4000 - Conqueror Clash Banner
  • 5000 - Champion Summoner Icon
  • 6000 - Champion Clash Logo
  • 7000 - Champion Clash Banner

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League of Legends play 2022 honour rewards

If you extremity the play astatine grant 5 oregon higher, you’ll get the Three Honours Malzahar skin.

You volition besides person the Malzahar Champion Permanent illustration icon.

Written by Georgina Young connected behalf of GLHF.

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